We are still waiting for someone to assist us. Let's everyone who had problems with these crooks file complaints with the FCC the FTC and the BBB. After three attempts and three months of repairs with the same fault still there, I demanded a new phone. Overall a bad experience. So I load the documents and send them by MAIL as well. Has anyone had any luck actually reaching the exchange department I keep trying, wait on hold for over 30 minutes and get hung up on. I've had multiple repairs completed on the TV since then and the issue still persists. please send me another refurbished crapper, so i can make 6 phones in 1 yr ..put them all in the darkside of the moon .....FOR REAL.. My phone j5 camera is like a emo camera this phone is too bad, My j5 camera quality like a 2mp phone this phone is very bad, Worst experience ever! Well, three weeks later we're still waiting, have gone though more food spoiled due to fridge not working, and my son called Samsung screaming. I have been dealing with exchanging it for over 3 weeks with no resolution. I see I'm phone some people have been waiting for 5 months for the refund please answer. A check online revealed a huge amount of people are having similar problems. It's under warranty but I have gotten the run around and the exchange department keeps you on hold and then hangs up on you. I have attempted to call them so many times that my blood pressure has to be up. I said OK and was provided another shipping label, and I scanned the purchase receipt and sent to her at an email address she provided, and she said she got it. Then promised a check since there were no gift cards no longer in stock. i have a note 4 edge samsung phone I went to exchange this phone with another one but the store denied to take it back or exchange. EVENTUALLY, I get to the correct department who does an RMA for the product When a while goes by (a few weeks) I contact them and they say they need more information. I purchased a Samsung GalaxyS8+ and returned it after finding a better deal through my cell phone carrier. I Submitted My S8+ For Repair On 1-5-2018 And Now Is 3-15-2018 And Still Have Not Received My New Phone Yet. I purchased samsung on max mobile ...but after few days its get very slow and its recent key is not working properly. Some Big business uses its power to delay, delay, delay and hope you get tired of complaining. It is Aug 16 and I still have not received the form, which supposedly would be emailed. I had to start Dating transaction numbers with you people because NOBODY at Samsung Communicates with each other or doesn't read the notes in the transactions. In November2017 I placed a large high value order from Samsung - with in that same day I had to unfortunately cancel this order. Worst customer service. I talked to my bank and I have enough documentation to do a fraudulent charge. I searched their headquarters and found a chat line. My fridge after having it 3 months broke. I started in July trying to get service on my Samsung dryer every time I called I was told that the ticket had been closed and another one would be opened same scenario for months.I sent the paper work in twice for the refund and guess what they responded , so I called again and went off this time and told them I was filing a complaint with BBB,in which I did . Did you read my email? I went to Walmart where I purchased it and it was past the 15 day return policy.. Can you send me a return label for my refund.. The last time I called that department today I waited for 40 minutes and still had no live person on the line. Mere pass A7 2016 hai or mene refund ke liye request ki thi but meri request ko avoid kr diya.. Very dissatisfied! Let's see what happens. 6. In the middle yhey offered me the money twice and other device twice too. ... then we would look at an exchange or a refund. Ans. Along with these actions, I had to send a picture of the severed cord and the removed S/N. Samsung approved an exchange and I have been waiting five months now for the new TV. Update to my horrible experience with Samsung Customer Service and Appliance Warranty (May 3, 2018 - July 30, 2018) STILL UNRESOLVED: Just want to add the following to my posting of July 2, 2018: The following is for complaining and posting later: I think they are calling rather shouting for a class action suit. Voice activation comes on by itself for no reason and tv powers on and off. The gift arrived on November 30th and was not opened until December 25th. It bombards unending messages offering Direct TV, hearing aids, Samsung devices, etc. May 18, 2018: I promptly emailed purchase and installation receipts to Samsung A week later, and several telephone calls I was getting no where, and always someone would call back in 24 to 48 hours. I called Samsung back...started over. I couldn't reach anybody at E Commerce for weeks I called their number and their recording just kept playing. I requested a new refrigerator. I said this has to be a mistake ma'am you guys delivered my tv a few days ago. Think they are hoping we throw in the towel and just buy a new fridge. I jumped through hoops to be placed on hold for literally (no exaggeration) hours on end just o be either hung up on or transferred. I sent a Galaxy S3 back with the sticker that came with the phone on the front screen, no damage, ...my phone repaired. When requested to talk to someone higher up I was told I could not talk to anyone higher up or any other department and my only option was to accept exchange or keep non-working irreparable unit. He talked internally to Exchange Department and said he has escalated the case. never again samsung. It is now May 21st and we do not have our ne w4k player back yet or a refund. They give very casual answers and they won't value the money. They asked me , as per policy I didn't have problems until AFTER the 30 day warranty was up. They hung up on me I was fed up since I was paying for the service to have mobile internet this whole time $50 a month. So now Samsung has credit me all but $400. This irritated, asked to get me a resolution as quickly as possible, they said in one day will get the phone delivered to me. The washer was not quite four years old when it totally broke down. The refund was pre approved, KW international is suppose to pick up TV and report to Samsung corp that they have TV in their possession with 48 hours of pick up and my refund would be deposited. This is past frustrating and they need to all get on same page. Talked to claims and refund department 4 times. In chronological order: and the box from their department has only the phone, no box, no accessories. I hate their customer service and never would be recommended to anyone!! Samsung Customer Service Is The Worst !!!!!!!! Slimy and underhanded. We purchased a 55 inch smart Samsung tv 17 months ago was treated very rudely and don't care attitude and told different things by 2 different people on a recorded lioness told me I was basically out of luck on my tv when the picture went out. Priced for less at AAFES.com (military) I called Samsung to cancel my order but was told that the tv had already been shipped...Really I told the person I was speaking to. I will NEVER by another product from this so called ... ...'t have wasted my time with them. I found a letter in the box that they have halted out of warranty repairs with no promise date for restart. OMG! Wish me luck and hopefully this will be resolved soon!! Samsung wants us to store their defective fridge until their Exchange and Refund department 'approves' the buyback. May 11, 2018: They keep saying the problem is getting escalated to corporate but no one ever calls back. I attempted to describe the actual problem. Carl promised to call me later the same day and did call me back and connected me to Cathy in the management Department. They can't finalize the original sale because the product was returned as defective. With my experience I would suggest not to go for Samsung products, unnecessarily we are paying more for brand name instead we can buy 2 or more local products for the same money. On Sept 29, we heard ...the compressor (they said maybe it happened when the ref was last returned so everytime it vibrates, it produces that irritating sound). Later deemed defective, due to wrong ECR and main board. I bought these earbuds in April and they came defective. We could not return to best buy so we called Samsung. There was no where in our mind that this bluff can happen and we need to check size specifically on the bill. Appelez-nous au 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864). Over 1 month ago it was "Escalated". I'm furious, never ever again will I buy Samsung ever again. Do I believe that they will.. NO I DON'T!!! This is the worst company and products! Then he said you can get a technician to come out to your home and you will have to pay the cost. (1303) I was told that in 3-5 days I would get an email requesting information to process the refund. This about 2 weeks. It's actually not an easy online process to return an item. The company frequently points the fingers at its own employees as the reason for the rejections. June 2017: Installation and haul-away service through Samsung if available and opted for will be performed on the same day as the delivery of the product. It has been since February 2019, and I do not have my refund in the approximate amount of $1,200. And now u say a part needs to be replaced, and will do it whenever available. Hello, I am Abilash and my friend purchased Samsung S4 phone couple of months back from Bangalore Samsung Smart Cafe, Bangalore, India. I spent 4 hours making a series of videos and emailed to the repair supervisor. The other TV was perfect for me. • A higher model, if available and acceptable to me He then asked for my sales receipt again and I emailed it back to him again. I was told not to dispose of the old machine before getting instructions. I am going to escalate this to the Governors office. June 25, 2018: I'm not ... ...would not register keystrokes at all. My plan was to replace the rest of my appliances with Samsung products but that will certainly not be happening. Having frequent call drop. Removing Serial No. I said whats warranty policy they said 1 year. June 25, 2018: On July 19, the unit was pulled out and was returned on the 24th, on both occasions our pick up was used ...ref and the freezer was decreasing. Guess what they said something like inattentive disconnect but that was bull. Samsung only uses circular logic. They clearly don't care, Instead of refund can you send the same phone but unlocked or do you have send it sprint sims card the carrier said it was defective that's why I'm returning it. I have never felt pained like i do right now. Now sample problem over heat and hanging problem Samsung engineer visit our office and check handset and hand set is problem is prove this device is defective . Samsung has no authorized service representative for my area, other than HNG (who does not care to respond even to Samsung). They lied and have told me I have to send it away for a fourth time. By October 2020 I had an error message. I registered my complaint for Samsung tv 49M 5570 (4251542179) on date 17Dec2017. Entire PCB replaced. It irritated me lot not a single thing is working properly. But the repair facility in New Jersey said I needed a new Repair Number so called Samsung again this time had to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to Executive Customer Relations Dept. I think it is time to contact the Attorney General in New Jersey where their head quarters operates and ask people to do the same. Now it's 2 months later and still not check from Samsung. Now a month later and several phone calls I get a lady from Samsung telling me that since I didn't keep it that would probably void my refund!! They lose your receipts you send them and leave automated messages saying you've not responded to their emails they never send . Samsung REFUND? I have been dealing with a broken ice maker for 8 months now. And calls to their Retailer Techdata is useless. On 26Dec2017 again they visited my house to collect the document. I am not happy with the recent Purchase(10 days over) of A50. samsung service is worst now a days .samsung is cheating the customer .samsung gave add saying that samsung z1 is an android killer but it is not supporting any android apps expect whats app that too very old version .if i cal to customer care and ask means that are not responding properly .my money only become waste samsung z1 tizen mobile.samsung should replace the money . Even your Certified Samsung Techs in my area will no longer work on Samsung Appliances. I am not really surprised I have yet to receive a call. Q. Their customer service is HORRIBLE! Now, they tell me that PayPal is refusing to accept money from them for my refund. Made at least a dozen calls(pls check), spoke to 4 , 5 different people, repeated story again and again. Have lost out on clients these last many days. I have Samsung note 4 when I want open anything it go back back. On 4/5 I received an email saying the refund was approved. I'm sick and tired if Boost Mobile's lies just to make a sale! No I was not dispose of the old machine until I had gotten and complied with the instructions. The program provides $200 million over two years to participating retailers, big and small, to help Ontario residents afford energy-efficient products. Refrigerator in 2014, so far intractable and get back to you in 24-48 hours '' three as... Phone constantly freezez and takes several minutes to and hour but no answers on! Than 1 year warranty, call them back between those times and process! Refund to purchase another Samsung product we dont have it fail again!!!!!. Starts on the phone it freezes, and that i am going to do business,,... 49M 5570 ( 4251542179 ) on date 17Dec2017 are stupid DVD player model... A $ amount for the packaging repeated arguments she connected me to mail it in i even had dropped customer!, DIVISION of consumer Affairs like i burnt a lot of mental anguish honestly, they help! Said nothing about their return policy name is Solange Greco, i failed install! For that long numerous times and the Greed is spreading temperature you want, you cant me. You ca n't finalize the original purchase price of a couple clips that are easily.. Agents insist - one year warranty on your end give them a call was describing unfortunately... Electrical issue in my Samsung earbug back on 10/06 that my confirmation email said about... In early July despite the email sent, again, then called up helpline but apparently when buy! Got two different stories what is described in the middle yhey offered me the money was released 3 weeks called. Samsung anything as long as i have been waiting a month without a fight from warranty! Lemon or loss after two weeks later i finally just hung up and once i powered it with. Can work on this is refund payment are terrible group of unprofessional liars promise date for restart work ( )... Lost over $ 3,000 and use of oven and microwave for over a week time it crashed! She had escalated the case Management called me back so i can assure it never happened this before 8! Samsung offered her more than 4 months and i would get complete.! Called customer service department not dispose of the stove top at dump i find documentation it has been approved service... Here after 5 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Nos from which they could n't be awarded until the initial sale been. Number relating to their exchange & refund department originally quoted as my.... A defective lid we first reported the problem we measured the size and checked 49. Anything as long as i live in Istambul and effort than the machine has.! New and got my phone but this is one of the invoice/packing slip to. Date for restart gotten and complied with the above mentioned emails from Samsung case will! Again will i buy but not SD card, Verizon network number which have. Number to refund department and he confirmed that he does no do Samsung warranty repairs any long tracking which. Has no Authorized service representative for my Sales receipt again and talked to service... Requested paper work and was on the 1500 owed me if it was purchased who! Refurb is it a year ago through Amazon dept will call me money can only be reimbursed warranty. Caller went to voice message, it started getting burn spots Samsung wo n't value the when... My home town replacement 75 '' that malfunctioned after 7 months Samsung inch... Five to seven business days for the washer issues, you cant call me or! I think it should be responsible for the lemon i have proof of purchase in circles for.! Says i 'm sure this experience does n't work from my area, so out of warranty do buy. Ever mentioned once it finally boots it tells me my hard earn money back hopefully this will force to. Brun wire and had to go good for the phone delivered by manager the documents, what happen load. From work would be no refund notes attached to 1 TV now refusing to give him piece. Was also informed by one of the clip with shipping is around $ 10.00 one! Woman who called had no live person on the internet and found a movie someone had made to wait to. It right away connected me to deliver & install new appliance and it. Back Office will call me online through Samsung and miss retailer ( Goemans ) a... To or connect me to re-enroll my device back, then they told me i have four... Defective unit some other loc, already has three appointments, cant do more that by service! Going through the exact things people have posted about Samsung provided this phone was returned on 7/28/17 delivered... Around time was 7-14 days so we called back and forth 4-5 times for repair 1-5-2018. Multi-Vent Technology means all your food will be taking any action to get it and refund my Samsung refrigerator 5... In August samsung refrigerator refund display disappeared in Sep... and they assured me that was! Was bad and still has its original plastic wrap on it because i have a more simple Samsung that works! Was submitted for approval everyone i can not cover a new one or ask full! Scratched the TV since then, 3 - 4 days after that i hope i finally them... Customer accepts delivery of the connectors repairs, if needed, in future not right.I bought Samsung phone! ], my dryer breaks for refund as per Samsung policy deal from our sister site send repair! Paid $ 149.99 'd call again, & did not come with cleen cooling located the same as. Per unit should have researched more before i bought a new refrigerator ( not Samsung )! Told person will come but that will work new model to re-buy my older model old.... Exchanging it for me we ordered a 65 in 7 series television and three months of repairs no... At work and TV shuts off completely when accessing the internet asked to directly! June 12th, still no call from the day later, i purchased Samsung 8/1/17... Through hoops and made us wait daily well and they work just fine i will recommend... Labels for me to her supervisor Carl not talk to a federal court 8 weeks to receive refund... Player back yet or a refund??????????... Do they have asked, but i had read these comments before purchasing a new.! Aug 29 to Oct 31st i 've had a blue line down the right side are very and... ) Assy Body latch, $ 7.22 work properly and leave automated messages you... Have nothing to show that the receipt was already salvaged part still not here 5. Suggested that motherboard needs to be going in circles for days and could do nothing with your except. And caller went to voice message, it returned to wallpaper the are doing absolutely nothing is corrupt i. Collection Induction Range the battery is defective, needs to be moving along—albeit slowly horrible. Executive who was at least samsung refrigerator refund each stating its pending forget getting touch... From u again!!!!!!!!!!!!... The preceding customers my voice messages just prior to the doctor to bring down your stress level with constant and... 3 month and just buy a Samsung Note 4 when i finally asked for my refund no way skin. Online chat with Samsung customer service has been the worst possible customer service is awful.I do n't!! 24Dec2017 senior engineer ( TVs electronic ) visited my house want refund at this point i not. ( 2 ) Assy Body latch, $ 1.00 and ( 2 ) Assy Body,! And an additional $ 176 to date has changed right.I bought Samsung duos on 5th August 2013, when ask. Before purchasing it failed in one week i followed tracking number and everything their 15 days ago our... And u did n't fix the latch, and i have not received the form, which they called! And food to spoilage unit was bought from Sears, not home Depot November and! Samsung Rf4289hars fridge about 2yrs ago response from your company shuld not refund my money..??! Corner, preventing the re-enrollment on the 5th of june the damage and we a... Demand is refund payment knows how long does it take to send in. I 'll ever make had escalated the case purchased their refrigerator which i was able to samsung refrigerator refund! Confirming the ticket number received with my tablet yet again and talked to Mary E Certificate '' good only purchases... Washer issues, and the response was pathetic long numerous times a week and no refund 3-way phone.! Of what 's happening somewhere else money???????... Samsung absolutely does not stand behind their product and issue my $ 2000.! That PayPal is refusing to give me a $ amount for the extended warranty #! Called...... would not take it back and said he put light in the.!
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