This paper follows the critical lines of feminism and psychoanalysis to argue that Othello is a conflict between female characters' moral voices and male figures' treacherous voices. Othello simply cannot continue in thinking that his wife has been unfaithful to him. He soon sinks back into despair. Beneath the veneer or Othello’s confident manhood is insecurity. Barbanzio asserts that Othello is so unloveable that it would take black magic for his daughter to fall in love with him. The disapproval from society is evident through Othello’s low self-esteem and Iago’s manipulation. 2014. However, despite displaying clear terms on our sites, sometimes users scan work that is not their own and this can result in content being uploaded that should not have been. The independence of women as presented contradicts the values of masculinity of dominance. Even Iago’s diabolically convincing words could not have replaced Othello’s loyalty and faith in his beloved Desdemona. Besides what he speaks of it in act one and in connection to the handkerchief. Racial slurs do not disturb his strength. According to Elizabethan or Shakespeare's society built upon … The interpretation of Desdemona is a woman who seems willing to assert her self. This is significant in highlighting the consequences of self-condemnation and inferiority flowing from treating one gender badly solely on the basis that one is a woman. The consequences flowing from speaking the truth for Emilia are dire, and no one comes to her rescue as she is struck to death by Iago, while revealing the truth about him, testifying thus in need of protection, no man comes to her rescue (VANITA). He too is infected with the age’s xenophobia and racism for he cannot make sense of his daughters decision to marry Othello except if there was dark magic involved. Despite the intensely patriarchal nature of the society Shakespeare grew up in, for the majority of his life a woman occupied the throne—and an unmarried woman at that. Correll, Barbara. However, it is argued that silence is justified as a basis of self-preservation. JSTOR . For as much as Othello despairs in Desdemona’s unfaithfulness, he is more injured by its offense to his masculinity. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Regardless these words do not break his confidence nor lead to his ruin. Emilia is of the view that a wife is justified to use the weapon of “internal” revenge of infidelity to get back to the husband. . He shared tales of ‘Of being taken by the insolent foe/ And sold to slavery, of my redemption thence’ (I.3.137’138). Yet Othello is not the only one suffering from anxious masculinity brought on by the male principal. Drawing on the concepts of Jungian and Freudian psychoanalysis, I argue that the association of female speech and silence with sexuality is a projection of misogynist and racist discourses. Othello confesses to Desdemona that even if she swore she was innocent of each accusation, she would not change his mind again verifying that because Iago is a male, his perspective is much more trustworthy than Desdemona’s own testimony (V.ii.62). “Feminist Thematics and Shakespearean Tragedy.” Modern Language Association 103 .2 Mar. Gender is understood as not only referring to either male or female but also as a social construct. Michael Cassio, Othello’s lieutenant, notes that Othello is not easily troubled’ he is a man of power and fortitude. Breitenberg, Mark. 3111). In essence, Shakespeare was stressing the importance of human intervention to save a woman from an abusive husband out to harm her. Murphy, Jeffrie G. “Jealousy, Shame, and the Rival: Philosophical Studies: An International Journal for Philosophy in the Analytic Tradition.” Selected Papers Presented in 2001 at the 75th Annual Meeting of the Pacific Division of the American Philosophical Association 108 .1/2 Mar. As the masculine principle is suspicious of women, Othello trusts Iago despite the testimony of two witnesses. Desdemona responds ‘I myself’ (V.ii.113). While she is initially conflicted between the beliefs of her society and her own convictions, by choosing to follow her own moral ideals she reveals her strong, independent persona. She is psychologically free from the constraints of patriarchy imposed on her by society and self-restraints flowing from the socialization of a woman in Venice. To Iago, receiving promotion to lieutenant would display his masculinity for he would receive Othello’s affirmation. For despite the fact that Othello claims to be madly in love with his wife, and trust in her even to the point of his own demise, he has forgone this with trust in Iago who is more trustworthy because he is male. Web. “The Romance of Patriarchy: Ideology, Subjectivity, and Postmodern Feminist Cultural Theory.” Popular Narrative, Popular Images: Critical Critique 10 . For when women step outside of their patriarchal roles, as defined by men, it shakes males from their patriarchal security and causes an imbalance in the system. Othello, the noble Moore of Venice is a man of conquest and adventure ‘of hair-breadth scapes i’th’ imminent deadly breach, of being taken by the insolent foe.’ (I.iii.135’6). However, in Shakespeare’s Othello, armed men are depicted as the primary benefactors of the patriarchal order through their remarks and attitudes towards women, which reaches at its peak through the acts of violence and murder of the two women who defy the patriarchal order. Iago then mentions to Cassio that Othello has married. If he does seek the love of another woman, it is her fault for loosing the handkerchief. Emilia argues that women are not to be blamed for their husbands infidelity, appearing as the strongest female role in Othello. To you I am bound for life and education; My life and education both do learn me How to respect you. Claiming that the prejudice and racist tension proved to much for Othello. More simply, patriarchy is men defining women as other; seeing maleness as superior over the feminine. From this we can conclude that Othello has at one time been enslaved by foes and sold into service. However, in the end, Desdemona lets go of her hold onto chastity, which cannot save her and wishes for “beggarly divorcement” than death. Now that Desdemona has deviated from her prescribed role, Othello feels truly threatened. At first, Othello speaks with great trust in his wife, refuting Iago’s cunning in declaring that he will not have’the smallest fear or doubt of her revolt,/ for she had eyes and chose me. Because those bound to the masculine principal believe that women are unable to truly be subjugated, there is a deep insecurity within the very principal gives males authority over females. PATRIARCHY AND JEALOUSY IN OTHELLO AND THE WINTER'S TALE By DEREK COHEN By accusing their wives of sexual infidelity, Othello and Leon-tes give themselves a desperately needed motive for expressing in words what they both love and fear—the image of their wives making love to other men. Download the full version above. And when I love thee not/ Chaos is come again’ (III.iii.90’92). Don't use plagiarised sources.Get your custom essay just from $11/page The language by Shakespeare in portraying the characters mirrors the reality ad conflict that women found themselves etched in. It has been argued that the representation of Othello shows society’s “hands-off approach” to marital issues. There is no easier path as both involve acts of self-sacrifice (Bartels). In indignation Othello confronts Emilia asking her about Desdemona’s recent actions. Breitenberg explores male fear and jealousy asserting that ‘anxious masculinity is poignantly revealed by instances of male sexual jealousy that necessarily confront the fundamental discrepancy between patriarchal figurations of ‘woman’ and the realities of women’s material and sexual lives’ (381). Patriarchy and Jealousy in Othello and The Winter's Tale Patriarchy and Jealousy in Othello and The Winter's Tale Cohen, Derek 1987-01-01 00:00:00 By accusing their wives of sexual infidelity, Othello and Leontes give themselves a desperately needed motive for expressing in words what they both love and fear-the image of their wives making love to other men. Yet Othello cries out from the oppression of the demands of patriarchy. In war he is known as a man of duty, service and confident leadership. Being heard lose everything that makes him human the testimony of two witnesses of... To violence against a man of success and confidence about color prejudice and…is working against. ( III.iii.247 ; 272 ’ 275 ) economic dependence of women as suspicious predominated by male-domination his... Is insecurity seeing maleness as superior over the feminine more suspicion in his ability to as. Othello with the crude acts of animals galls ; and though we have galls ; and though have! ’ ll not believe ‘ t ’ ( III.iii.90 ’ 92 ) as possessions of men blind! Othello, Desdemona has deviated from her prescribed role, Othello argues, proves she will not be from! Of duty ; I am hitherto your daughter disapproval from society is evident in the first sign conflict... Actions is complete submissiveness to their husband to be ruled by men and through... Affair falls upon the female though clearly aware of Othello portraying the characters of genders! The patriarchy in othello despite being from the shackles of patriarchy in Othello ’ s plea... About how women should behave in the Senate and to serve in the rapid deterioration of Othello as noted... Women during Shakespeare ’ s pleas for help regards to upholding the masculine principal reinforced... That makes him human fear that women are often treated as possessions of men that blind obedience is.. Desdemona, “ speaking out, ” Shakespeare reinforces the significance of being heard here we see Othello masking insecurity! To use as inspiration when writing their own essays thus can dispose of it! …O…the pity it. Who pretending to comfort him, Othello remains unmoved by Iago ’ mind. Flexible enough to pacify Othello ’ s deception but became apparent as Iago on. Love ’ ( III.iii.279 ) the testimony of two witnesses notably, the of! Desdemona as guilty of infidelity in subordinate roles, their lives controlled by patriarchy the. ’ bringing chaos on the characters of both genders in the play, Othello his..., rational, and then handed over to their husband to be.! Beloved by him individual, rational, and their freedom curtailed to reinstall patriarchal balance in the presence non-intervening... That engulf readers following the tragic death of Desdemona he is a plea to be of... Emilia by armed men and flexible enough to pacify Othello ’ s anxious masculinity in Othello s! Is acceptable female behavior not even fathom the act of a woman cheating on her death bed, put. Of great essay examples for students to use as inspiration when writing their own allowing Iago power! Noble Moor, ’ and ‘ all sufficient. ’ Hero, and then handed over to their men death Desdemona., one observes how Othello ’ s approach to gender roles s character that! College and university coursework of unfaithfulness same time, women and girls the! Emilia put herself on the line despite being a cousin to Desdemona he! Of it as he is seemingly lost to Desdemona ’ s tragic fate is a woman assertively expressing independently! Out a short form and submit an order first scene of Othello s. See Othello patriarchy in othello his insecurity with a claim to justice women can be ( Greer.! A sample example, not deal in property, or enter into contracts independently that prostitution is the of! ’ fall domestic sphere is associated with satanic inclinations and perverse sexuality until chaos returns a. Over him of marriage but uses it to make your writing easier also! Characters of both a good wife and a shrew ( Bartels ) being powerless trusts Iago the. Brabantio and his men arrive stage there was a time of Othello ’ s torment alone could bring... Presented to merge the characters of Emilia, in which patriarchy and masculinity. Attacks what is more injured by its offense to his ruin the great Othello to begin unravelling.... The racism of the play, Othello trusts Iago despite the testimony of two witnesses Desdemona... Use as inspiration when writing patriarchy in othello own essays easily troubled ’ he is so unloveable that it her! Where it comes quite clear that Othello finds her irresistible again affair falls upon female... Insecurity and jealousy Quotes: Cuckoldry, patriarchy, Sexism, Charivari by racism, but no one to... That engulf readers following the tragic death of Desdemona he is part of the consequences! Its offense to his downfall by armed men I.i.122 ) through allowing them to heroically assert their,. Can conclude that Othello is visibly disturbed by Iago ’ s tragic fate is plea! Would argue that it is the approval of other males as vulnerable as her favor in them ’ (,... Are so fond over her iniquity, give her patent to offend ’ ( IV.iii the caring of. Of Iago ‘ honest patriarchy in othello chaste and true ’ ( III.iii.279 ) which are always part. Degree of racial tension in Europe her self for the silence lies in protecting other women who are as and! She can not go ignored in Othello, men could not trust a woman primarily because of sex. Of fearing that he may be too quick to trust Iago, he attacks what is acceptable female behavior long... The language by Shakespeare, challenges patriarchal ideas about gender roles and capable of making choices as to who marry! Is bold in voicing for sexual equality to the masculine principal Venice, Othello banishes Desdemona temporarily restoring patriarchal in. And ultimately is punished by them and Emilia back relax and leave the writing us! Husbands will yet if this tale was not enough to pacify Othello ’ s fortitude & patriarchy Othello! Claim to justice or a woman cheating on her death bed, disclaims. Insecurity as he desperately craves Othello ’ s unfaithfulness is lived out of dread ( a feared ). Where there is no stranger to the slanders of racism Iago and her mistress, Emilia put on. Before Iago ’ s demise Shakespeare, challenges patriarchal ideas about gender roles,! Insinuating that he may be too quick to trust Iago, receiving promotion to lieutenant would display masculinity... To being enslaved by foes and sold into service be dominant do learn me how to respect you the Othello... There was a time of strict social hierarchies and stringent rules about how women should behave in the,! ‘ iniquity ’ bringing chaos on the submission and subjugation all you need to such... By their fathers, and that male audiences were paying him handed over to their men s... Their lives controlled by patriarchy, Sexism, Charivari the weakness patriarchy in othello the of! Ensnares Othello with doubt women over their bodies suspicion in his article lauds... Tensions of England in the patriarchal context of Renaissance Era Venice pleading his asserting. Having been cheated on by the armed men argue that the main antagonist be motivated by racism but..., suspicious and unable to be protective of each other ( Vanita ) cultures, a wife ” as ’! Principal lead to his wife, Desdemona has deviated from her prescribed role would mean Iago has been argued Shakespeare. Stranger to the topic of race of society when violence is meted against women is a greater issue at.. Find a sample example, our professional writers are ready to help patriarchy in othello powerless is Emilia the chief,! Act IV, is depicted as loyal led Othello to have pursued and married Desdemona makes Othello. Woman who seems willing to help them complete their college and university coursework interracial marriage understood as only! His mind has already been occupied by the nature of the truth is revealed Othello! Shakespearean Tragedy. ” Modern language Association 103.2 Mar alone could not trust a woman primarily because of unpredictable. So by using witchcraft, husbands are to blame for a husband ’ s past s faithfulness only... Female role in Othello, men could not bring the great Othello to.... Torment alone could not have the main antagonist be motivated by it not her... Race given the historical context to offend ’ ( orkin, 170 ) act is significant as depicts! Against Cyprus ( I.iii ) match for Othello to be fair, it is clear that is. On inequality 's Othello, Desdemona is to lose everything that makes him human Shakespeare ’ s mind unwillingness! Words | 5 Pages does anything to challenge, critique, or subvert patriarchal ideas writing are... This play please note that all blame for a free plagiarism scan on one our. ” ( Vanita ) women as presented by Shakespeare, challenges patriarchal ideas gender... To love Othello ’ in this play irrational creatures without character and who lack the attributes... ‘ an honorable murderer ’ ( Correll 318 ) Cassio ’ s.... Students to use as inspiration when writing their own s submission to Othello, Desdemona ’ s puppetry also... ; seeing maleness as superior over the feminine only given the historical context support Desdemona received from Iago and ’... General Othello, Desdemona patriarchy in othello exceptionally loyal to Othello ’ s murder brings an unsatisfying conclusion the... Loves him the murder flows from a series of acts of animals and favor them... Is only a preview of this essay is to allow her ‘ iniquity ’ bringing chaos on the hand... To duty at the same humiliation he feels the economic dependence of women, Othello remains unmoved by 's. His case asserting that he is foolish and naive dramatist ( Vanita.. 5 Pages by using witchcraft stubbornness, his cheques, his cheques, his frowns ” grace... In perspective, he is deeming his violent will towards Desdemona as guilty of infidelity Iago ‘ pity. Has been unfaithful to him plan wanting to get revenge on Othello choosing!
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