In the 1962 episode "Davy's Friends" of another Western, the syndicated series Death Valley Days, Rettig played Joel Walter Robison, a fighter for Texas independence. I have been a “Leave It To Beaver” basically all my life (I’m 61) because (a) I thought it was great that your name was Jerry, too, and(b) I had an older brother like Wally. She had also co-starred on the television series, portraying Timmy's mother in the years after Rettig and Jan Clayton left the show. [9] While he was the TR-4's co-manager, he did not sing with them. He had appeared in several other shows before appearing on Leave It to Beaver. When the hunters are attacked by a band of renegade Indians, they take refuge in an empty house. Rettig was selected from among 500 boys for the role of Jeff Miller to star in the first Lassie television series between 1954 and 1957. Barbara Billingsley, who portrayed June Cleaver on the show, said in a TV Archive interview that he was dropped because his mother caused grief for the producers of the series. See more ideas about hollywood, leave it to beaver, comedy short films. Beaver trivia: Leave It to Beaver was the very first time a commode was ever seen on TV. Although his father reluctantly allows his son to go on a buffalo hunt with assistant trailmaster Bill Hawks (Terry Wilson), Billy frets that his father doesn't think of him as a man yet. Ivo guest starred in an episode of the syndicated adventure television series , Rescue 8 and in two episodes of Leave It To Beaver . 115 talking about this. "Make My Bed". Rettig later told interviewers that he longed for a life as a normal teenager, and after four seasons he was able to get out of his contract. Never Too Young - Wikipedia In the 1962 episode "Davy's Friends" of the syndicated western television series, Death Valley Days , narrated by Stanley Andrews , the actor Tommy Rettig , formerly of the original Lassie series, played Robison. Meet the cast and … [12] Some years after he left acting, he became a motivational speaker, which — through work on computer mailing lists — led to involvement in the early days of personal computers. And Leave it to Beaver. Lassie was one of the first true super-smash television hits, alongside shows like Leave It to Beaver, that demonstrated just how potent television was as a medium - not just for storytelling, but for making obscene amounts of. The Beaver focuses in part on the love triangle among a depressed man (Mel Gibson), his wife (Jodie Foster) and his favorite puppet. Rettig was first seen on screen in 1950, playing Richard Widmark's son in Panic in the Streets. As an adult, Rettig preferred to be called "Tom". Eddie Haskell appeared in "Take My Son Please". The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island,, June, Wally, and Beaver Cleaver appeared on the final episode of. He He is remembered for portraying the character "Jeff Miller" in the first three seasons of CBS's Lassie television series, from 1954 to 1957, later seen in syndicated re-runs with the title Jeff's Collie. In total, it ran for six seasons. A young clairvoyant who hires Peter Gunn, Craig Stevens, to prevent the murder of his mother by her new husband Mark Eustis played by Hayden Rorke. Inspired by the real life experiences of creators Joe Connelly and Bob Moshers own children, Leave I Directed by Norman Tokar. Beautifully Restored and Remastered on 37 Discs! Actress Amanda Randolph was cast in the same episode as Auntie Cotton.[5]. [3] It was his work with a dog in The 5000 Fingers Of Dr. T. that led animal trainer Rudd Weatherwax to urge him to audition for the Lassie role, for which Weatherwax supplied the collie.
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