He was huge. Photo: PixelwunderByRebecca While there’s a lot to love about all dog breeds, for some people it’s all about the big dogs.. And many people want to know: Which ones are the biggest dog breeds in the world?.

I love saint Bernard's and i have did info probably about 6-8 cups a day or even more depends on how big and how much your dog needs. I saw a Saint Bernard that was owned by an elderly woman who fed it these huge cinnamon rolls and said that he also liked Domino's pizza, but the dog weighed 275 lbs. (Italian: San Bernardo di Mentone; Latin: Bernardus; German: Bernhard), was an Italian monk and religious, the founder of the famed hospice and monastery which has served travelers for nearly a millennium as a refuge in the most dangerous part of the western Alps.It has been served by its own congregation of canons regular throughout its history. Asked in Beavers How big is the biggest beaver ever caught ? Our list of the 10 biggest dog breeds in the world appears below.

Saint Bernard of Montjoux, C.R.S.A.

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