Dogs such as Mastiffs and Great Danes might look intimidating, but many large and giant breeds are actually total softies. to get all the attention that he deserves. Kangal10. good with kids 11 yrs and up,never been around small kids. Throughout history, these dogs have been greatly used for their strength in order to protect livestock, … Landseer9. These breeds have seen a marked increase in their size since the 19th century. ... these dogs were once so prized by by nobility that … Dogs have set some incredible records. From the biggest dog in the world and a skateboarding bulldog to the chihuahuas which hold various small dog records and those with record-breaking tongues and ears, breeds of all shapes and sizes have entered the record books for various skills and attributes. If so, you’re not alone. Table of content1. 25 Best Large Dog Breeds to Bring Home. Tibetan Mastiff Despite their massive appearance, large breeds of dogs are generally well-tempered, loving, relaxed and loyal animals! will chase cats. outdoor dog… Living Space Where and how you live are important factors in considering a large dog breed. Great Dane4. Landseer9. This is a list of dog breeds, including extant breeds and extinct breeds and varieties. French Mastiff5. Tibetan Mastiff Despite their massive appearance, large breeds of dogs are generally well-tempered, loving, relaxed and loyal animals! However, the general temperament of a breed cannot guarantee the temperament of an individual dog. They are generally more agile than huge dog breeds (due to their smaller size) so many large breeds may compete in agility competitions.

Newfoundland3. Anatolian Shepherd6. St. Bernard2. It’s important to make sure your puppy comes from a reputable breeder that has raised it in safe, healthy conditions with proper socialization. 10. Great Dane4. As with any other dog breed, there are advantages and disadvantages to opening your home to huge dogs that fall into this size category. Anatolian Shepherd6. great breeds in one dog. giant dog breeds) typically weigh anywhere from 100 to over 200 pounds and grow very rapidly. Therefore, our best large dog breeds list only includes dogs known to have good temperaments. Whether you want a hunting dog to accompany you on excursions, a watchdog that will protect your home, or a gentle giant that will be patient with kids, these big dogs will fit the bill. They are quite large but are not very heavy, a fully grown adult male should be about 70 centimeters tall (28 inches) and can weigh about 45 kilograms (99 pounds). Most Greater Swiss mountain dogs are probably around 100 pounds in weight, but the biggest individuals may exceed 140 pounds and stand 28 inches at the shoulder. raised with other dogs, but i would like him to be the only dog.

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