The terms porpoise and dolphin are sometimes erroneously used interchangeably. Florida panthers are timid, and hide or retreat to remote areas rather than meet humans.

The following are official state symbols of the U.S. state of Florida, as defined by state statutes.The majority of the symbols were chosen after 1950; only the two oldest symbols—the state flower (chosen in 1909), and the state bird (chosen in 1927), and the state nickname (chosen in 1970)—are not listed in the 2010 Florida Statutes.

The Florida Panther is a large, long-tailed, pale brown cat that grows to six feet or longer.

Official state symbols, emblems, and icons of Florida - places to see in Florida - landmarks, parks, historic markers, cities and towns - learn the culture and history of Florida! Scientists often track them by observing tracks, scat, and other marks instead of observing actual animals.

Natural life expectancy is 10 - 15 years, males average weight is 130 pounds at 23 - 27 inches at the shoulder and 7 feet long, females average 75 pounds and 6 feet long.

Florida panthers were persecuted to near-extinction out of fear and misunderstanding (folklore refers to them as "catamounts"). Florida Panther - Puma concolor coryi With an estimated population of 120 - 230 adults, Florida panthers rank as the most endangered mammal on the planet.

Even the 1975 Florida legislature, adopting the creature as the official saltwater mammal, left the issue open, designating the "porpoise, also commonly known as the dolphin," (Tursiops truncates. Florida Symbols. )The terms porpoise and dolphin are often used interchangeably. The manatee, (Trichechus manatus,) also called a sea cow, is a gray, waterplant-eating, gentle giant that reaches eight to fourteen feet in length and can weigh more than a ton.The manatee was designated the Florida state marine mammal in 1975. In 1982 the students of Florida elected the magnificent Florida panther (Felis concolor coryi) as the official state animal of Florida. The mouse is the only mammal that is endemic to Florida. A state mammal is the official mammal of a U.S. state as designated by a state's legislature. The first column of the table is for those denoted as the state mammal, and the second shows the state marine mammals.

The most endangered of all Florida's symbols is its state animal, the panther (Felis concolor coryi) which was chosen in 1982 by a vote of students throughout the state. Oregon’s state mammal is renowned for its ability to transform the landscape using its ever-growing rodent teeth to cut down trees that they use to build dams. Official State Marine Mammal of Florida The manatee (Trichechus manatus) was designated the official state marine mammal of Florida in 1975. Usually in Florida both names refer to the Bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncates), the species commonly found along Florida's Atlantic and Gulf coasts. These create ponds where the animals build their underwater lodges. They were once important to the economy of the state …

Even the 1975 Florida legislature left the issue open, designating the "porpoise, also commonly known as the dolphin," as the official saltwater mammal. Alabama also recognized the manatee as a state symbol in 2009 (the West Indian manatee ).

Official State Animal of Florida. National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, the only national lab in Florida, holds the most world records for the most powerful magnets on Earth. Is it a porpoise, or is it a dolphin? Florida State University has been officially designated as a preeminent research university in the state by the Florida Legislature as a result of having met a set of rigorous benchmarks.

Florida State Saltwater Mammal Porpoise (Tursiops truncates) Adopted in 1975. Below is a list of Florida symbols. The rodent depends on the … The manatee (Trichechus manatus), also called a sea cow, is a gray, waterplant-eating, gentle giant that reaches eight to fourteen feet in length and can weigh more than a ton. The state of Florida has many state-wide symbols, from animals to even a state day.

Florida State Marine Mammal Manatee (Trichechus manatus) Adopted in 1975. Animals with more specific designations are also listed. Click on the link to see a picture of the symbol and the description and meaning behind it. All State Mammals.

It was designated the state marine mammal in 1975.

Puma concolor coryi has been Florida’s state mammal since 1982, when it was chosen by the state…

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