A female's home range varies between one to fifteen acres in size, while a male's range may be as large as one hundred acres. Closely resembling the familiar eastern cottontail, the rare Appalachian cottontail (Sylvilagus obscurus) can be distinguished by its smaller size, shorter ears, darker fur between the ears and along the back, and especially by differing skull features. Cottontail rabbits are among the 20 lagomorph species in the genus Sylvilagus, found in the Americas. Systematics and biogeography of the New England cottontail, SYLVILAGUS TRANSITIONALIS (Bangs, 1895), with the description of a new species from the Appalachian Mountains. The eastern cottontail is the most well-known and most widely distributed rabbit in North Carolina. The Appalachian cottontail occurs only within the Appalachian Mountain chain, its marginal plateau and mountain balds from the Husdon River southwest through Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama (Chapman et al.,1992).

Running speeds of the eastern cottontail can reach eighteen miles per hour. Proc. It can be found in bushy areas, fields, woodlands, swamps and thickets. Washington 105(4):841-866. In the U.S., it is found in most of the Eastern U.S. and in parts of New Mexico and Arizona. Description: A medium-sized mammal with soft fur, large hind legs, long ears, and a fluffy white tail.Grayish brown to reddish upperparts contrast with generally whitish fur underneath.

Other names for this rare rabbit include Allegheny cottontail, woods rabbit, and mountain cottontail. Appalachian Cottontails are more forest dwelling than Eastern Cottontails..

Chapman, J.

The eastern cottontail is found from extreme southern Canada south to South America. Records are now available for all but one such county (Henderson).

It is postulated that unbroken woods, rather than high elevation, delineates the distribution of the Appalachian cottontail. Chapman, J.

CLASS MAMMALIA Appalachian Cottontail Sylvilagus obscurus Guilds Cumberland highland forest, emergent and shrub-dominated wetlands, savanna/ shrub-scrub, upland forest.

See remarks for a detailed WVA range. Soc. See remarks for a detailed WVA range. As the state's brief year-end snowshoe hare hunting season approaches, a Penn State researcher hopes soon to map the animal's current range in Pennsylvania and learn how "varying" hares are distributed across the northern counties. Statewide AppalachianCottontail.pdf Map Conservation Issues Biological/ consumptive uses 5D Competition from introduced/invasive or native species.

Geographically, Georgia represents the southern end of its range and therefore populations are low and it is included on Georgia’s Protected Wildlife List. This dataset represents a species known range extent for Appalachian Cottontail (Sylvilagus obscurus) within the conterminous United States (CONUS) based on 2001 ground conditions.


Appalachian cottontails live in forested and mountain heath habitats in mountainous areas.

Habitat The eastern cottontail prefers habitats that are between woody areas and open land. Most cottontails are solitary animals and can be within their home ranges aggressively intolerant of other members of their species. Cottontails encountered above … It is one of three species of rabbits native to North Carolina. Appalachian Mountains - Appalachian Mountains - Plant and animal life: From Maine to Georgia, the Appalachian Mountain system was once almost totally covered with forest. Soc. Range and Distribution In North Carolina, the Appalachian cottontail is restricted in distribution to high-elevation forests in western counties. Appalachian Cottontail North Carolina Wildlife Profiles The Appalachian cottontail is one of three rabbit species native to North Carolina.

Range. Most Sylvilagus species have stub tails with white undersides that show when they retreat, giving them their characteristic name. Washington 105(4):841-866. COTTONTAIL RABBITS, Sylvilagus spp., (about eight species in the U.S., 16 in the Americas) are the rabbits most of us see in our yards, with each species inhabiting a particular region. Appalachian Region Distribution: Throughout higher elevations from PA to GA. Continental Range: Same. Appalachian Cottontail The Appalachian cottontail is the rarest rabbit in Georgia.

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