The golden silk orb-weaver makes the strongest and biggest web among all spider species.

The tough material, which is practically unbreakable by meddling human hands or strong gusts of wind, makes it easier for the banana spider to catch unassuming prey. They’re mostly known for their impressive web which they’re fond of weaving.

Also look up north american banana spider and you will see a spider quite different than what we in the south consider a banana spider. Their golden silk is used to make textiles. Another marker of the banana spider’s web is the unbelievable strength of its silk. Many banana spiders are locally called thus because they are colored like bananas or found in banana trees. The diet of banana spiders comprises small to medium sized flies, bees, moths, locusts, dragonflies, mosquitoes and many more.

The spider we call banana spider in north america and especially in the south east is a garden spider. The name “banana spider” is used to refer to a number of different spiders and spider genera that are found throughout the globe.

The banana spiders are bright-colored arachnids usually found in warm climates. The webs of these spiders don’t only have a unique but irregular pattern.

They have many other common names which include, Golden silk spiders, Calico spiders, Golden orb Weavers, giant wood spider, and Writing spiders. She is beautiful! The spider's venom is of the same type as that of a black widow, but much weaker. Following are pictures of […] Scientifically, they are known asNephila clavipes. The female lays her eggs in a silk sac and hides them in curled leaves, leaving them away from the web.

The brazilian Banana spider is completely different than the North American banana spider.

Banana spiders are useful to the environment because they help keep pest populations (like fruit flies) under control by feeding on them. The golden silk orb-weaver’s favorite feeding options include flies, beetles, and dragonflies.

The female banana spider … The banana spider is famous for its beautiful web, which appears to be golden when it shines in the sun.

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