The male Barbary lion commonly weighed between 500-600 lbs while the females weighed between 300-400 lbs. The Barbary lion was considered one of the biggest lion subspecies. When Barbary stags and gazelles became scarce in the Atlas Mountains, lions … A trainer called Booner acquired an 850-pound California grizzly bear whom he named Siskiyou. Hey @kingtheropod808 i was asked to make a video on the myth of the barbary lions size. EPISODE 5 - Barbary lion size. They had dark, long-haired manes that extended over the shoulder and down to the belly. Post Jul 23, 2019 #2 2019-07-23T15:18. This topic was made by Guate at animalbattles board … paul cooper. Lions were put against grizzly bears for the fun of the public in California’s arenas.

Hey @kingtheropod808 i was asked to make a video on the myth of the barbary lions size. Male lion skins have short manes, light manes, dark manes or long manes. 569 94. paul cooper. Barbary lion / Atlas lion (Panthera leo leo) with black mane Detailed information and size Barbary lion / Atlas lion (Panthera leo leo) Body length: 2.35-2.8 m (7ft 9in – 9ft 2in); reports from 19 th century speak about a lion with the body length of 3.25 m (10.7 ft), with a … paul cooper. The large size of the Barbary lion is a myth, there is no evidence to support these statements and experts like Vratislav Mazak showed that its real size could be about the same than those who inhabit the East of Africa, which had a maximum size of about 290 cm in total length and a extreme weight of 230 kg (Patterson, 2004). I know you have a lot of info on this subject. 299 22. kingtheropod808. 569 94. paul cooper. Gérard (1856) described the size of wild male Barbary lions as c. 2.3 m from the tip of the nose to the root of the tail, which measured c. 90 cm, and their weight as c. 270–300 kg. The largest lion subspecies, Barbary lions were once upon a time admired for their size and dark manes (although those two qualities have been …

Males weigh from 182 to 282 kg (400 to 620 lb), stand 3.5 feet tall and are 11 feet long. 299 22. kingtheropod808. EPISODE 5 - Barbary lion size. I know you have a lot of info on this subject. Barbary Lion Barbary lion zoological specimens range in colour from light to dark tawny. 569 94. Post Jul 22, 2019 #1 2019-07-22T18:54. The Barbary lion (Panthera leo leo) was a local group of lions which are now extinct in the wild {}.The Barbary lion was also called the atlas lion and the nubian lion.It was a local group, or perhaps subspecies, of the lion.It used to live in North Africa, from Morocco to Egypt.. Looks and behavior. kingtheropod808. A Barbary Lion is bigger. Whatever its ultimate heritage, the Barbary Lion shares one dubious honor with most lion subspecies, having been wiped off the face of the earth by human encroachment and the dwindling of its once-expansive habitat. kingtheropod808. If this had been true, Barbary lions would indeed have been big amongst lions. The Barbary lion was large and heavy. The size of prides was likely similar to prides living in sub-Saharan habitats, whereas the density of the Barbary lion population is considered to have been lower than in moister habitats. Post Jul 22, 2019 #1 2019-07-22T18:54.

This happened quite a times during the past.

It doesn't say anyting about weights. There is, however, no credible record of body measurements of wild Barbary lions.

Its body was shorter than its Asian and African counterparts, but it could grow up to 11 feet in length. 299 22.

This is 50% more than what the African lion weighs. [11] Head-to-tail length of stuffed males in zoological collections varies from 2.35 to 2.8 m (7 ft 9 in to 9 ft 2 in), and of females around 2.5 m (8 ft 2 in). 569 94. About Sir William Jardine: In page 120 it shows the size of a captive Barbary lion (193 cm in head-body), is about the same than the figures of Brehm (190 cm in head-body), probably is the same source which may confirm that all the sizes and skulls known from Barbary lions are captive specimens. It is said that they developed the colors and size of their manes due to ambient temperatures, their nutrition, and their level of testosterone.

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