1. 80 degrees. I use a Hovabator incubator set at approx. Bearded dragon eggs will take 50-75 days before hatching. Once his head has emerged, the dragon will slowly begin to remove the rest of his body from the egg. They simply cannot place the eggs with correct temp or humidity because they cannot dig burrows. How to Breed Bearded Dragons in 10 Steps As aforementioned, breeding bearded dragons is no walk in the park and should only be attempted by responsible owners who have done all the legwork and research to ensure the best possible outcome for all dragons (and hatchlings) involved. Bearded dragons can lay eggs without a mate! As hatching nears, however, the eggs may begin to appear dented. Read on for more details and commonly asked questions. Some eggs might be infertile, and this is very common. All the eggs look fine at 40-50% humidity and the first group should be hatching in about 7-8 days. bearded dragon eggs are easy to hatch!

A slit is created in the egg by the baby lizards using an egg tooth which they have and then they are freed from the cage of the eggs. That is not good at all. The eggs will collapse after becoming indented. If you do want to learn how to incubate bearded dragon eggs and hatch babies, we’ll show you how we do it and how you can replicate that procedure at home. What is the incubation time for bearded dragon eggs? The baby lizards create a slit using an egg tooth and free themselves from the eggs. You might be able to hatch them in a warm area of your house. Bearded dragon eggs hatching. A female bearded dragon can lay anywhere between 15-35 eggs per clutch, and can lay 1-3 clutches per mating typically. Most of the time, all eggs will hatch within one day. There have been cases where a female lays up to 6. Bearded dragons now come in a wide array of fascinating colors, patterns, and scale variations. If it is still attached and it is time to move the Bearded Dragon into his enclosure, make sure that the substrate is wet paper towels and ensure that they do not dry out. How to incubate bearded dragon eggs Considering how fascinating, engaging, and easy to care for bearded dragons are, it is no surprise that many hobbyists become interested in breeding them. Temperature a little above increases the chances the eggs will hatch male. If the temperature is about 84 degrees and humidity 85%, and the eggs are still collapsing, than I would say that the eggs are probably infertile. Caring for bearded dragon eggs is tricky, but if you keep the temperature at 80° – 85° degrees Fahrenheit (27° – 29° C), humidity at 75%, watch out or mold, and handle them little, in 40-90 days, the eggs will hatch. 85% humidity in the incubator seems a little on the high side.

The time this will take will vary from dragon to dragon.

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