Available in a massive range of colors and sizes, we recommend 1/32, 1/16, ⅛, and as large as ¼ ounces for crappie (and for rods that can throw that weight lure). How to Choose the Best best crappie jig colors. Skirted jigs come in just about any color combination under the sun. In the fall I want even take my box, just some white and chartreuse 16oz marabou jigs. This guide features a combination of jig heads and complete, skirted jigs.The benefit of buying the jig head separately is that they’re fully customizable and you can add the material and color that you want to catch the most crappie!

Opt for the jig colors that match well with the surrounding conditions.

Crappie Lure Colors Savvy crappie anglers are all aglow about the latest lure craze. But selecting a grub color to satisfy the crappie's finicky eye can be tricky. When selecting jig color always start with natural tones. Crappie are primarily sight-feeders. I write feature articles and product reviews for Internet and print mediums. Arkansas Sportsman, Southern Outdoors, Outdoor Life, Bassmaster, and other magazines and print medium … He has been doing that for 40 years and catches more than anyone I know. Lure manufacturers have tinkered with glow-in-the-dark baits and attractants throughout the years, but the concept never seemed to gain much momentum until touring pros and guides started revealing their successes with glow lures and jigheads. A crappie can see a jig in clear water much easier than in stained. Crappie Lure Colors Savvy crappie anglers are all aglow about the latest lure craze. ... Gear. A hotly debated topic, the color of a crappie jig can be crucial when it comes to catching crappies. Crappie are known for their good eyesight, so coloring is important. Crappies might be scrappy fighters, but they can also be a pain to pattern and a chore to figure out what they're eating. Although most best crappie jig colorss are similar, there are several differences worth noting. I still carry several colors and shapes but I honestly believe I could get by with one shad body in a handful of colors to meet water clarity needs. 4.7 out of 5 ... Crappie Magnet Fin Spin Kit - 8 Size 1/8 Jig Heads and 8 Size 1/16 Jig Heads. Day in and day out a natural Green Pumpkin or Brown jig will catch bass across the country. We typically only turn to dark or bright colors when water clarity is compromised (muddy) by rising water, wind, or algae blooms. The number of possible crappie jig colors can make your head spin. I made a switch last fall to just the shad style bodies in a few small boxes. I write feature articles and product reviews for Internet and print mediums. Jigs and minnows are the most common crappie baits, fished alone or in combination. Mr. Crappie jig heads come in colors of chartreuse, fluorescent orange, limetruse, pink, refrigerator white, and unpainted. Here are nine criteria to consider when choosing an best crappie jig colors: (1) Price.

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