This is a conversation/thread trying to deduct the mysterious, innovative and genius LORE of the SL0 universe. Duck Season/Boneworks Lore/ARG. Dive into the mystery and work through the hidden secrets spilling out of the cursed cartridge. Duck Season is a VR game developed and published by Stress Level Zero.

Hi. Duck Season follows a boy called David who's Mom has bought him a 1 day rental copy of the game Duck Season. A boy named David is given a haunted cartridge of the game Duck Season.
It originates from Duck Season and has heavy ties to the Cat. The game is haunted by the Dog of the game who if shot comes after the player. The Monkey is a cryptid that exists inside The Voidway. Official website of Michael Wyckoff: Composer, Producer, Pianist. Duck Season was released for most platforms on September 14, 2017 for $19.99 USD. Perhaps all of this was an experiment by david's mother making modifications to david's KINGBIT GAME SYSTEM. Not much is known about it, but it appears several times throughout Duck Season and BONEWORKS in it's inanimate stuffed form, including in the room Ford is in while his mind is in BONEWORKS. “An experimental first person narrative sending you back to Summer 1988 and you have a one day rental of Duck Season. The monkey is a ragdoll item that is in the form of a stuffed monkey. David for unknown reasons also possesses a book that grants him powers of a Kid Wizard. History (Game) The game takes place in an unknown suburban location where you play as David, a young boy. Today I’m going to explain the Boneworks SL0 universe given the information at present. In boneworks is David's house, next to a huge monogon server, because maybe she covered up what happened at the end of the duck season. Let’s begin. He also makes music as R!OT. We start with Duck Season. Hoverjunkers SL0s pervious game exists as a game with in a game.

The full hit VR game playable on your traditional flat screen!” It supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality.

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