One of exterior stucco’s best qualities, and one of the many reasons it has recently become a popular choice for Greater Toronto Area homeowners is its incredible versatility. WMS Construction. They are the most economical, long-lasting and fade resistant of all stucco finish … Stucco installation costs $3 to $9 per square foot depending on if its a new install, re-stucco, or applying stucco … This catalog is published by the WWCCA / Technical Services Information Bureau 1910 N. Lime Street, Orange, CA 92865-4123 phone 979-823-5345 mail_outline Email Us. Mix finish-coat stucco with water to the same consistency as the base coat, adding stucco colorant as needed to give the material the desired hue. These decorative finishes generally work for three-coat stucco systems and can take the form of brick exteriors, tiled walls, trowel sweep finish, briar finish and combed finish. Brick: How to Choose the Perfect Finish for Your Home. Heavy Drag You can finish with a stucco youself, if you know the technology of execution.

Briar . Decorative Finishes.

Stucco for Building Color and Texture Traditional portland cement plaster is an extremely versatile, time-tested exterior finish, frequently referred to as “stucco.” It consists of portland cement-based materials and sand, mixed with water to form a workable plaster. Other Unscreened Contractors In Your Area. During this transition period, both packaging sizes will exist. A combed stucco finish is truly unique, with a thick top coat coves in a series of lines that are raised in an a particular pattern. The final color coat or 'stucco texture' is applied with a greater density, and with this added weight comes strength. Definately the Market Leader in Stucco Application 4. Because it is easy to mould, stucco is easily customizable to fit your unique vision for your home’s appearance. briar, which uses lots of ridges and lines; California, which is a thin and textured top coat that is fairly smooth; Web, which has many rectangular patterns and is fairly smooth; The texture you choose may also depend on the stucco finish that you have chosen. Mike Brexler. Briar: This texture looks as though there are embedded leaf patterns throughout, giving a tropical vibe. It’s great for buildings that demand a blank slate. JOEY WILLIAMS . Stipple . Apply the stucco to the wall with a trowel to a thickness of 1/8 inch.

The entire crew is helpful and respectful at all times 3. Some decorative finishes include a repeating fan pattern (the trowel sweep), a combed finish (thin vertical lines), and briar finish (random lines). and methods to ultimately achieve the specified finish or texture. Briar . location_on 3507 Leesburg Ct …

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