The book has won numerous accolades: Kendra Sahitya Academy Award,The Odakkuzhal Award, The Vayalar Award etc. Chetna manages in equal portions to become the title while remaining true to the basics of humanity, maybe that is part of the shock. It led her to Kolkata, a city she wasn’t familiar with, and to Chetna Grddha Mullick, the 22-year-old protagonist of her novel Aarachar, the English translation of which (Hangwoman translated by J Devika, Penguin India) has recently been released to flattering reception.

It focuses on the hangman Nata Mullick and his son who are pursued and hounded by the voyeuristic media, interested in the details of hanging, which pushes to background a debate on the validity or morality of the death-sentence.

The Noose as the Muse I kept the company of Hangwoman, a novel by K.R.

The protagonist Chetna Mullick is a twenty two year old woman. Many women’s organizations around the world have welcomed the appointment of Phanibhushan Grddha Mullick’s daughter Chetna Grddha Mullick as his assistant.

K.R. Twenty-two-year-old Chetna Grddha Mullick is the youngest member of India’s first family of hangmen, who proudly trace their lineage from several centuries before Christ.

Chetna manages in equal portions to become the title while remaining true to the basics of humanity, maybe that is part of the shock.

When Chetna Grddha Mullick, descendent of the famous Grddha Mullick family of hangmen, is appointed as the first woman executioner in India, her life transforms overnight. Meera says she had long dreamt of writing a novel, which explores the place of women in India and this documentary gave her an idea for the backdrop to enact … She represents the Grddha Mullick family who owns a great lineage in executing criminals.

It might help!

I also wondered whether it is a story yet to be finished. Meera for more than two months, leaving it from time to time to attend to more worldly duties. The main character, Chetna Grddha-Mullick, observes the way her life is shaped by the actions of her father and a journalist hell-bent on possessing her body and t. Hangwoman by K. R. Meera is a translated novel from India that opens with the main character being asked to take up the position of the first hangwoman of India. A little advice; read the foreword ( at the end) first!
Chetna Grddha Mullick, the protagonist of K R Meera’s novel, Hangwoman, experiences the exotic sensation of that power as she sends a condemned convict to his death by enacting her duty as the hangwoman. Chetna …

We share Chetna’s journey from being the hangman’s daughter to becoming the first hangwoman and a role-model representing the pride and dignity of all women. I also wondered whether it is a story yet to be finished.

Most of the male members in the family showcase exceptional professional skill in hanging criminals to death. Meera portrays the mental trauma of a twenty-two year old girl who is forced to be the first hangwoman of the country.

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