© Photos.com/Getty Images In September 1854 the allies landed troops in Russian Crimea , on the north shore of the Black Sea, and began a yearlong siege of the Russian fortress of Sevastopol . Despite the best efforts of people like Nightingale and Pirogov, infectious disease still killed far more Crimean War soldiers than combat. However, it is generally accepted that between 270,000 and 300,000 died. “The butcher’s bill for the Crimean War of 1853-1856 will never be known exactly, but it probably amounted to over 1 million deaths…” — Robert Breckenridge Edgerton, Death Or Glory: The Legacy of the Crimean War 1. In the Crimean War disease killed four times as many soldiers as battle wounds, 2 resulting in the deaths of 25,000 British, 100,000 French, and up to a million Russians. Crimean War British soldiers leaving for the Crimean War, February 1854. Prior to the Crimean war, the design of militia and the actions taken in the field and in the encampment setting when it came to health seemed to undergo minimal changes between the late 17th century and 1850.

Although the Crimean War was fought on two widely separated naval fronts (Baltic and Black Seas)—both of which were to suffer major epidemics of cholera in the years 1854–56—the Black Sea territories of the Russian and Ottoman Empires formed the locus of … 1854 – Crimean War. Crimean War, 1854-5. Crimean War Death Toll: killed in action, wounds and disease It is difficult to obtain definitive numbers for the death toll in the war; sources vary considerably. The Crimean War of 1854-5 marks a major turning point in war technology, practice techniques, preventive techniques, and medicine.

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