The pied cockatiel is the first cockatiel color mutation and was firstly detected in 1951. See more ideas about Cockatiel, Animals and Dogs.
In this article, we’ll explain what a white Cockatiel is. The warmth of the cinnamon coloring is enhanced even more with the yellows in the head and tail. These include cinnamon, pied, pearl, lutino, as well as combinations of these colors. Therefore I thought if it is possible to produce a white face cinnamon … White Face Gray. White Faced Cinnamon Cockatiel. See more ideas about Cockatiel, Pet birds, Birds. Skip navigation Sign in. Lutino babies, Females, and adult males all look alike. Pied Cockatiel. Cockatiel Care Bird People Queen Pictures Bird Aviary Budgies Parrots Conure Cockatoo Parakeet. Cockatiels are native to Australia. The white-faced cockatiel is one of the cockatiel colour genetic mutations, with a mostly white or grayish face. I have grey white face, grey white-face pied, grey white face pearl, cinnamon and cinnamon pearl. White Face Cinnamon Cockatiel. The name of this mutation, derived from the male, is fairly self explanatory. This Bird list is updated weekly, but with Birds selling daily, we suggest you call the Lake Forest location at 949-472-3962 and ask for Gloria or Kim for current availability. Call or text for more information. The Pearl Mutation can be found in ALL Cockatiel Mutations, I have A white Face Pearl Male and Female , I have a Cinnamon Pearl male,I have a white face Cinnamon pearl female, I've had Normal Pearls - meaning they were not color mutation like Cinnamon, Fallow, Lutino and when the males pearls went away they looked like the Normal Grey Males. Loading... Close. Cockatiels are native to Australia. These include cinnamon, pied, pearl, lutino, as well as combinations of these colors.

if it is a white face pearl, white face fallow, white face cinnamon pearl and many other types of white faces both boys and girls will have a full white face and it will be white when they feather out.
White Face Pearl Heavy Pied. It lacks the cool gray found in the common Grey Cockatiel and in many of the other color mutations. The male is the most attractive of the two sexes with a brilliant contrasting white face. Pastel Face Pearl Pied. While the whiteface in itself has caused a resurgence of interest in all things cockatiel, even more interesting is its effect on all other cockatiel mutations.

Yet you have probably seen white Cockatiels before. Whiteface Cockatiels . This is the seventh established mutation which appeared for the first time with domesticated cockatiels in 1964 in Holland. You’ll notice we didn’t mention white. Cockatiel - Cinnamon White Face : Our Price: $ 275.00. Please Call For Assistance Features Features Baby Cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus) Available! This is a stunning cockatiel mutation, they stand out because they have no orange cheek patches or yellow coloring at all. M8 Dominant Silver Cockatiels. The male Cinnamon Cockatiel develops a bright yellow face (also know as the mask) and bright orange cheek patches after his first molt. The white-faced cinnamon pearl cockatiels also, have white color of the face. So as you can see Pearl cockatiels are not … White Face Cinnamon Cockatiel This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

White-face Cinnamon Pied Cockatiel. Aug 7, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Lauren Burgess. Cockatiel, Parrot, Birds, Animales, Pet Birds, Budgies, Hens, Parrot Bird, Parrots .

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