6. Grows to be about 15 inches long. Help with Female Fire Skink. Share this conversation. These smooth reptiles are beautifully colored and can become quite tame in captivity. Designing an enclosure similar to the fire skink’s natural habitat is not hard, and because this lizard does not feel secure in open space, artificial broad-leafed plants, shrubby bushes and other items should be used to create an enclosure that is interesting to look at and one in which the skink will be most active. Loading... Get YouTube without the ads

By Jennifer Greene. I have tried feeding him a variety of foods. He is about two years old.

Show More. The species is known for its bright and vivid coloration. I have tried feeding him a variety of foods. Choose: Options: Quantity: View Cart. I have tried a few different leaf greens, bananas, berries, eggs, and a few other vegetables. Fire skinks (Mochlus fernandi) are vividly colored lizards, native to West Africa. Fruits that skinks enjoy include blueberries, mangos, raspberries, papayas, cantaloupes, strawberries, and figs.

I didn't feed it anything that looked like that and I was afraid it had gotten something man-made and was going to eat it and maybe choke. Fire Skink. Show Less. Gut-loaded bugs will provide correct nutrition and allow your skink to exercise. Bright orange in color with black peripheral markings and a long tail. When you buy a skink from us, you automatically receive our 100% live arrival guarantee. Fire skinks will make use of whatever space is provided, a 40 to 50 gallon reptile terrarium is ideal, especially if housing a pair. Related Questions . With big, doe-like eyes set on a cute little face, bright colors and little legs on a long body, they are capable of making even non-reptile lovers squeal about how cute they are. Brussels sprouts, carrots, greens, and peas are good vegetables to serve your skink. Ask Your Own Reptile Question. They are a great reptile to own and will tolerate handling very well. I have also tried force feeding using "Nature Zone Bites".

P.S. The fire skink (Riopa fernandi) is native to the western border of Africa. I have also tried force feeding using "Nature Zone Bites".


Most fire skinks are imported from the wild, but breeding them is slowly becoming more popular in the pet trade. I have had my African Fire Skink for a few months now, and he seems to be doing well. But as Merlin mentioned they need their time to settle in. Jessica’s Animal Friends 8,508 views.

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