Making a great first impression is imperative to becoming an influential leader. "First Impression Training provided the knowledge, expertise and passion to design and deliver a programme that helped us to exceed our targets and embed retention throughout the organisation.” CF, Retention Manager - AXA PLC, Bristol Aristotle argued against letting first impressions influence the perceived validity of the content. First impressions last, so ensuring your clothing is an extension of your business’ brand is important. Your speech reveals whether you are humble or conceited, easygoing or desperate. Keep that in mind if you’re trying to make a good first impression on a member of the opposite sex. The ancient Greeks spent a lot of time thinking and writing about the effect of one personality on another. … First impressions matter – a lot!

Your first impression is everything and people form their lasting opinion of your presentation in the first 30 seconds’ (or 8 seconds depending on who tells it). Your introduction creates an important first impression; your conclusion leaves an equally important final impression. The Right Handshake. There are two opposing points of view about the first impression. T. Here's how to make them count. Smile. First impressions can be highly accurate Citing a trove of studies, Malcolm Gladwell contends in Blink that our first impressions are fairly accurate and stand the test of time. In this instant first impression world, the old model for a speech – tell ‘em what you’re going to say, say it, and tell ‘em what you said – is no longer a good idea. Who doesn't want their... 2. Somehow, the first impression is the strongest. Facial expressions are very important when it comes to making a good first impression. He said, “Trust… should be created by the speech itself, and not left to depend upon an antecedent impression that the speaker is this or that kind of man.” In ancient Greece, however, oration was very sophisticated, and followed many rules. You only get one shot to make a first impression. This implies that the lasting impression of your presentation won’t be your wisdom, your character, the clarity of your message or the relevance of your information; it all rests on their first impression in the first few seconds. “It really irritates me when I’m talking to a young man and all he does is talk about himself,” says a girl named Valerie. One states that the first impression is true; the other insists that the first impression is misleading and superficial.

At times first impressions can give information about a person that might be true or might be untrue, but whatever feelings one gets may cause caution, fear, trustworthiness, the list is endless. The principle of primacy suggests that you discuss your most important or convincing point first in your speech. First impressions can be highly accurate Citing a trove of studies, Malcolm Gladwell contends in Blink that our first impressions are fairly accurate and stand the test of time. 1. Not true. The idea is to get your listener interested in what you have to offer. T. According to the principle of recency, the point discussed first is the one the audience will remember best. They broke down the process of communication into three parts, which they called ethos, pathos and logos.

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