The Exam was held on 18th June 2017.On Sunday. Answer could have been arrived at as Chambal river, as all other options were either lakes or saltwater mangroves Revision Test 9, Q 42, 2017 (Directly mentioned in Solution) 2017 Test 4, Q42 covers Gharial threats and CLEARLY mentions that Gharial resides in riverine areas. The ship can carry troops and vehicles and hence is ideally suited for amphibious operations.

1. Download UPSC CSE Prelims 2017 Question Paper With Answer Key. Latest Current Affairs in June, 2020 about Gharial. Gharial (Gavial or fish eating crocodile) Critically Endangered — IUCN Red List. 1 and 3 only. It provides technical and financial … Continue reading "UPSC PRE GS 2017" Following is the 2017 Prelim GS 1 Paper with the correct answers marked in bold.

D. schedule 5 vermin- crow, fruitbat, mice and rat can be killed. IAS PRELIM, Prelims answer key, 2017, explanation, code A,code B, code C, code D, UPSC answer key with detailed explanation, Introduction; JobAlert ... UPSC CSE Prelims 2017 Answer Key with detailed explanation. Wild Life (Protection) Act of 1972 and Amendment, 1982 In 1972, Parliament enacted the Wild Life Act (Protection) Act.

INS Gharial.

Crisp news summaries and articles on current events about Gharial for IBPS, Banking, UPSC, Civil services.

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It is an initiative of the European Union. UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2017 | Analysis, Answer Key and Expected Cut Off Rohit Dagar June 19, 2017 0 comments The Civil Services Preliminary Examination is now over and now is the time to analyse the paper and understand how to tackle this exam next year. Name of Examination: CIVIL SERVICES (PRELIMINARY) EXAM. Gharial 2. Wild buffalo Select the correct answer using the code given below:(UPSC CSAT 2017) 1 only. Ans . (a) Kakinada (b) Motupalli (c) Machilipatnam (Masulipatnam) (d) Nelluru ans-b 2. 1. Q.

INS Gharial is a Magar-class amphibious warfare vessel of the Indian Navy; NS Ghariyal is the second Landing Ship Tank (Large) of Indian Navy, which was built indigenously and was commissioned on 14 February 1997. Which one of the following was a very important seaport in the Kakatiya kingdom? a. Kakinada b. Motupalli c. Machilipatnam d. Nelluru Leading Tomorrow. RISHAVIAS ACADEMY UPSC CIVIL SERVICES PRELIMINARY EXAM 2017 GENERAL STUDIES PAPER – 1. Just like American society is divided among Pro and Anti-Trump groups, this week UPSC aspirants community is divided between Pro vs Anti Guessmasters after the completion of Prelims 2017 [at least it seems so, from the fierce debates and comment wars everywhere on answerkeys]. Indian wild ass 3.

If you want to see gharials in their natural habitat, which one of the following is the best place to visit?

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