Transmission: Transmission occurs … Some ringworm fungi are able to infect both people and animals, and those can be spread in households from direct contact with an infected person or pet.

Environmental decontamination – 0.2% enilconazole, bleach for hard surfaces.

Ringworm can be caused by a few different species of fungi, with a different organism, Microsporum canis, being most common in dogs and cats. Unfortunately in this case the rescue didn't give a …

If a guinea pig becomes infected, the illness may take several courses: 1) infection may spread to the bloodstream and cause sudden death; 2) infected guinea pigs may lose weight, develop diarrhea, and die over the course of 3 to 4 weeks; 3) lymph nodes in the neck or shoulder may enlarge; or 4) your pet may be infected without seeming sick. If you want to eliminate the chances of you catching the fungal infection or passing the infection onto other animals, wear gloves while handling the pig and, if the others aren't showing symptoms, you can isolate the girlie until she's cleared of ringworm. Risk factors for human dermatophytosis are young guinea pigs and recent acquisition of a new guinea pig.

Here is a picture of a ringworm outbreak at the back end in a guinea pig that had been referred and surrendered to rescue with an advanced wrongly treated care of ringworm by a vet earlier in the year. Treatment should be continued until the guinea pig is clinically normal followed by a negative fungal culture using the McKenzie brush technique. Further reading Kraemer et al (2013) Clinical signs, therapy and zoonotic risk of pet guinea pigs with dermatophytosis. Never give a guinea human medicine and never self diagnose your guinea pig, as there is a possibility it could be a different skin infection. Incidence: Prevalence of arthrospore carriage is quite high, though clinical disease is rarely seen. If your guinea pig has ringworm they will likely be prescribed an anti fungal cream and possibly And oral solution from their vet. Dermatophytosis (Ringworm) Etiology: Trichophyton mentagrophytes is the most common dermatophyte isolated from guinea pigs. In this case, the Gross family purchased a new guinea pig from a local pet store, and unfortunately, ended up bringing ringworm home as a bonus.

When treating ringworm in guinea pigs, environmental treatment should also be recommended to the owners, with special attention given to the bedding and clothing of people in … 43% of the time, a new guinea pig was introduced into the household in the weeks preceding the onset of disease, and around one-third of affected guinea pigs had been in the household for less than 3 months.

Ringworm is a fungal infection and is contagious through contact with an infected animal.

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