Ice Cavern Gold Skulltula : In Zora's River at night, there is a Gold Skulltula high up on the wall towards the center of the map.

Ocarina of Time Walkthrough – Ice Cavern 9.1 Zora's Domain Revisited Our next destination is Zora’s River.

Watch out for rolling boulders. Chapter 4 – Forest Temple. The Heart Piece locations in the Master Quest have been left mostly intact from the original game, with the exception of one in the Ice Cavern . Chapter 5 – Fire Temple. Ocarina of Time Master Quest Walkthrough – Ice Cavern. Chapter 7 – Water Temple. If you’re nowhere near there, just play the Prelude of Light to take you back to the Temple of Time. Chapter 3 – Inside Jabu Jabu’s Belly. Chapter 1 – Inside the Great Deku Tree. Chapter 6 – Ice Cavern. Stick close to the wall to avoid getting hit. Chapter 8 – Bottom of the Well. Ice Cavern []. Chapter 2 – Dodongo’s Cavern. You'll find that Piece in its respective location.

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