It can mean lots of things, depending on the context in which it was used.
Tight meaning small and you have probably barely had sex and loose meaning big and you have sex a lot. It could also be referring to your vaginal opening, implying you are small [this is a good thing; it feels better for you and him]. est 1. 4. a. A tight-fitting cover or lid fits…. I personally dont enjoy sex where the girl isnt having a good time. The million denier question: Model Sabine Roll tests black tights to show what the deniers look like in real life Credit: Olivia West - The Sun. Being only 30 denier, they feel like 50 or 60 denier, because Fogal only uses the best quality nylon to manufacture their hosiery. Fixed or fastened firmly in place: a tight lid; tight screws; a tight knot. Tights definition is - a skintight garment covering the body from the neck down or from the waist down; also, British : pantyhose. 3. tight-fitting definition: 1.

Learn more. 2.

It could also mean you cheap with your money. Guys love tight vaginas, but at the same time, if it gets too tight for the girl to enjoy, then some guys may enjoy sex less because they want the girl to enjoy it too. The Fogal Opaque 30 Tights are an example of semi-opaque tights looking like opaque tights. It's happened twice, once was my first time, the other it was her first time, she was like a deer caught in the headlights, lol. Whenever penetration is attempted, your vaginal muscles tighten up on their own. Vaginismus is the body's automatic reaction to the fear of some or all types of vaginal penetration.

Fishnet tight lovers needn’t have to suffer during the colder months. most guys like it tight because it feels better. Stretched or drawn out fully: a tight wire; a tight drumhead. Tight-fitting clothes fit very closely to the body: 2. It would mean you are cool, as in "that's so tight dude!" That should be self explanatory enough.
You have no control over it.

Of such close construction as to be impermeable: cloth tight enough to hold water; warm in our tight little cabin.

Load More Teen Dating Dating Relationships Occasionally, you can get vaginismus even if you have previously enjoyed painless penetrative sex.

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