2. Reblog. - Complete Additions to the chibi guards and chibi inmates!!!! Return Home (Mermaid Swamp AU) Dragons_Goddess_17. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Humor - Seitaro W., Rin Y. mermaid swamp. Games [Mermaid Swamp] Kolekcje użytkownika Duchess of Dementia. Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 581 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 4 - Published: 1/1/2015 - Seitaro W., Rin Y.

Image in RPG … Rin chases him to the edge of the swamp and begs him not to leave her, crying that she can help him and can't do this alone.

Run out of time: Game over. Mermaid Swamp (人魚沼 Ningyou Numa) is a horror adventure game, made in Wolf RPG Editor by Uri, the creator of Paranoiac and The Crooked Man.

She became immortal after eating the mermaid's flesh and wandered for 200 years around the area of the mountains near the swamp. She wears a long lavender dress with brown shoes. Follow. Yuka appears to please read, it s short and cute. Still thinking it's the curse, Rin remembers the name "mermaid swamp" and decides to jump in the swamp into find any clues. Seitaro from Mermaid Swamp. inktober inktober 2017. ; Nausea Fuel:. The gang has to return to the swamp, only to find that girls are going missing again! Seitaro and Musashi! one-shot. (Official English Page) Day 1 Check on Yuka and you'll hear a sound as you go to leave. After being mortally wounded chasing Rin while possessed, he intends to drown himself so he won't have a slow, painful death. … Mermaid Swamp. When Mr. Tsuchida dies unexpectedly, the biggest surprise comes when Rin is told that both mansions have been left to her. Oh, and they can apparently come back as hideous ghosts who kidnap local girls and curse outsiders. please read, it s short and cute. Spoilers for the whole game, as I also clear up some things about the plot. Yuka Kikuchi is one of Rin Yamazaki's friends, and the first to suffer from the curse. According to the legend of Mermaid Swamp, mermaids ''really'' don't do well in swamp water. Nuevo capitulo de Mermaid swamp, en donde seguiremos siendo Seitaro buscando a Rin, ¿La lograremos encontrar sana y cuerda?

Yuka's appearance consists of shoulder length blue hair with messy bangs.

rin x seitaro. Dodge: Seitaro dies. Friends Rin, Yuka, Seitaro, and Yuuta are welcomed into the mansion home of a kind but mysterious old man, after their car breaks down in the mountains. Mermaid Swamp (rpg game by Uri) one-shot with Rin x Seitaro :) While stuck in the Mountains, Seitaro and Rin have a little chat... Just a bunch of random pictures or stories that I thought was really funny. 75 ... Find images and videos about mermaid swamp and rin and seitaro on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. mermaid swamp. What I wanted to happened ,in mermaid swamp, between seitaro and rin, after he asked her to stay with him for the night. Fan-Preferred Couple: Lots of players ship Seitaro and Rin together, due to perceived Belligerent Sexual Tension and their closeness throughout the game, in spite of Uri stating she intended for them to be Vitriolic Best Buds. What I wanted to happened ,in mermaid swamp, between seitaro and rin, after he asked her to stay with him for the night. Open the closet in the old mansion maids' room (east side of 1F, with four beds) for the boiler room key. Seitaro's (potential) death. Unfollow. Rin and Seitaro - Mermaid Swamp. Don't dodge: Seitaro lives. Can the four of them figure out what... #drama #horror #legend #romance #sequel I have no idea

Talk to Seitaro in the study, or check the gleaming book in the study to learn how to tell directions.

It was originally made in 2013 in Japanese; an English translation by vgperson can be found here . It's also said that eating a mermaid's flesh can make you immortal. one-shot. 45 notes. She swims towards the bottom, and finds a hairpin at the bottom. sofia-mc-algo .

seitaro mermaid swamp uri rpg rpg horror game my art pixel-horror axe spoiler??? —— What in the Fresh Hell Rin, Seitaro, and to a lesser extent Yuuta all talk pretty roughly, so yeah. Check the map in front of the swamp to find your way. College students, am I right? Mermaid Swamp Notes Not a lot of translation stuff to explain, but here you go. Summary: Rin Yamazaki went mad from her friends deaths and ate a mermaid due to hunger pains. Mermaid Swamp is a freeware horror-adventure game by Uri about a group of college friends stranded in a mansion by a swamp. Return to the Swamp (Mermaid Swamp fanfiction) Fanfiction. rin x seitaro. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. The description of what happened to the legendary mermaid who was kept in a tank.

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