All cars cost 0$. Home \ Cars \ Racing \ Midnight Club: Street Racing 100% Completion. Share this with your friends via: Previous Supra battle 6 speed vs AUTO and CBR1000’s street race! Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition (NA) 84% about 500K: Save Game File: 07/06/05: ajamal09: 344K: Midnight Club 3:Dub Edition - 100% with 467K (all cars are stock, except for some with performence upgrades) By A.Jamal aka LiLRocker Contributed By: 91210user 0 0 … So for example to race the tuner champ you have to win 35 races after 50% in a tuner. Rockstar's Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix is such a game. I'm pretty sure you start off with 999999999 amount of money. This newly repackaged title is, as it says, a "remix," not just a lower priced oldie. Everything is 100% Complete ! It is developed by Rockstars and is one of the most searched video game ever on the internet. 100%complete, all cars, parts, and Rockstar logos collected: Save Game File: 04/18/05: Tigger21004: 25K: All, Class A,B,C,and D cars available to buy, $99Million, Bonus Police cars unlocked, Nearly all upgrade parts unlocked: Save Game File: 05/31/05: Tsuruke: 25K: at least $100 mil, 100% completed, all A class cars in garage, suped up! Next 10 Minutes of Street Racing & Cruising. Midnight Club: Street Racing. Midnight Club 3 which is also famous as Mid Night Club Dub Edition is a third installment to the popular racing game series for PC.

All the cars are unlocked. This article is a stub. Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition Gameplay Midnight Dub Edition has a very amazing, smooth and user-friendly interface. To get each one to show up in your mission log you have to win 35 races in that vehicle type after about 50% completion. Enjoy! Mid-night 3 Edition has been added up with some best and unique features of the previous games of this gaming series and it has been made on the same theme upon which the previous games were made. These 'reappearances' of these missions do NOT count toward 100% completion. Your rank/reputation is Idol.

... MC, mc1, midnight club, midnight club 1, midnight club street racing. DL: Region: US Downloads: 1218 Date Added: 12-26-06 Uploader: ILoveVideoGames Description: Midnight Club 3:Dub Edition - 100% with 467K (all cars are stock, except for some with performence upgrades) By A.Jamal aka LiLRocker ! Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition was the first game with licensed vehicles to be developed and published by Rockstar Games. Note: The Tournaments will reappear after you beat them on hard for the DUB cars, as will the 'zone' Matches (Hollywood Match, Beach Match, Downtown Match, etc) and the Wager 'missions' that require you to win 3 wagers. Midnight Club 2 was the first game in the Midnight Club series to feature cities of Los Angeles and Tokyo as locations for gameplay. You can help Midnight Club Wiki by expanding it.To attain 100% completion, finish all missions

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