My dog had similar symptoms, and although a vet might not be able to diagnose it, (it's not very common) it's called coldwater tail syndrome, which is when a … Don’t, for example, let your dog swim around for hours if he doesn’t get the chance to swim very often, and introduce working dogs to their activities slowly.

I adopted Pip at 6 months old and right away noticed he couldn't move the lower half of his tail.

If a dog has limp tail, the most obvious sign will be its hanging, limp tail between the hind legs.

The condition, also known as “cold tail” and “limber tail," is a muscle problem that happens when the tail is pushed to peak performance without first building up strength and stamina. You could tell when he almost lost his balance, his tail would make a circle like a propeller like he was trying to stay on his feet.

Siracusa says it’s difficult to parse meaning from just a tail wag, and even other dogs, who have a better ability to read those signals than humans do, sometimes make mistakes.

My dog doesn't wag his tail for me or get up when I come home . Pain is usually associated with limp tail so it will droop and a dog won't wag it. my puppy does the same thing,he is a new puppy since i got him tonight,but he doesn't wag his tail either...i find it odd tho,it's strange Bcuz he's happy and he doesn't wag his tail. Your dog’s tail will be limp, and he or she will not wag it as usual. About a year earlier I wrote a post about finally acknowledging that he wouldn’t be around much longer because he stopped running upstairs to the kitchen when he heard me making a meal (or doing anything with food).. This is especially true when the dog doing the wagging has a docked tail, or if it’s a breed with a curly tail, like a pug, that doesn’t have a full range of motion. I've accidentally stepped on the end of his tail and he doesn't react. It’s a good idea to avoid letting your dog over-exert his tail, by suddenly beginning an intense physical activity. Your dog probably has a condition called a variety of interesting names: limber tail, cold tail, flaccid tail, lab tail, and most pathetically, broken wag. It doesn't seem to hurt him.

Just because the tail doesn't wag doesn't mean they don't like the affection. Tully (current dog) hasn't really done any of that until this morning, when I saw him lying on his back, obviously sound asleep, with his plumey tail waving in circles. In some cases the first part of the tail is in a horizontal position, while the rest of the tail is vertical.

He will bring the ball to me to throw it and will come calmly sit by me when we are home alone, i just don't get the impression he likes me very much.

Sometimes the tail will extend a few inches from your dog’s body and then drop flaccidly. My old dog was so shaky on his feet, when he walked he used his tail for balance. Put it to sleep. When you encourage your dog to wag his tail, the motion is subdued and half-hearted. Monitor how your dog carries his tail. At about 2 years old, I did notice a swelling at the base of his tail. Common symptoms of limber tail are obvious. Most likely, given this circumstance, your dog's tail is not broken. 0 2 0 The tail will be limp and your dog won’t wag it as it usually does.

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