This temple has been made slightly less difficult in the 3DS version. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Water Temple walkthrough By Brett Elston 11 June 2011 A video guide through Ocarina's sixth dungeon, one of gaming's most reviled locations of all time.

Try to snipe them with your Fairy Bow before they have a chance to notice you and attempt to cross onto the water, because they will be …
This dungeon has three main floors with a huge pillar in the middle that serves as the main room. This is kind of tough, so don't get mad if you fall down the hole. Ocarina of Time Walkthrough – Water Temple. She teaches you the DIN'S FIRE technique.
Now jump to the third floor. Take the inner south door, Longshot all the way to the top, and play the Song of Time where prompted by Navi. The Water Temple is the sixth Dungeon in Ocarina of Time. Just remember: if you get stuck, change the water level.

Exit to the second floor and swim across to the outer south path. 7.1 – Getting Epona; 7.2 – Getting the Hookshot; 7.3 – Hookshot Goodies; 7.4 – Return to The guide below is a complete 100% Walkthrough of Ocarina of Time that will cover a full run through the entire game, including strategies for all bosses and enemies, the collection of all heart pieces, gold skulltulas, and upgrades that takes you through all of the many side quests within the game.

The water is much lower than it used to be. The water level in the temple can either be high, medium, or low, and the level will open up access to certain floors while cutting off access to others. The hardest part is making sure you don't miss any keys, because otherwise you have to do a lot of backtracking to find them. Now walk up to the Triforce on the wall and play Zelda's Lullaby on the Ocarina to raise the water. Raising the water will allow you to reach another door with a lock on it. Chapter 1 – Inside The Great Deku Tree; Chapter 2 – Princess of Destiny; Chapter 3 – The Mighty Collection; Chapter 4 – Dodongo’s Cavern; Chapter 5 – Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly; Chapter 6 – Timely Appearance ; Chapter 7 – Forest Temple; Chapter 8 – Fire Temple; Chapter 9 – Ice Cavern; Chapter 10 – Water Temple. Reach the Temple. Ocarina of Time Walkthrough Welcome to the Ocarina of Time Walkthrough. There are also several Blue Tektites perched on the dry ledges in this room. Go to Lake Hylia. At the moment, it is at its highest level. Ocarina of Time Walkthrough – Forest Temple. It is widely considered to be one of the hardest, not because of skill needed to defeat the enemies or the boss within it, but because of its puzzle-like design and repetition to finally complete it. Head into it and approach the water, just like before you have to take out your Fairy Ocarina and play it while standing on the Triforce emblem.

Jump to it and open it. Once the block has moved, jump down a level and play Zelda’s Lullaby at the triforce to raise the water back up to the second floor.

Chapter 1 – Inside The Great Deku Tree; Chapter 2 – Princess of Destiny ; Chapter 3 – The Mighty Collection; Chapter 4 – Dodongo’s Cavern; Chapter 5 – Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly; Chapter 6 – Timely Appearance; Chapter 7 – Forest Temple. After that she heals you up and sends you on your way.

Play Zelda's Lullaby, left, up, right, left, up, right and a Fairy will appear in front of you.

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