Basilica - the tribunal area (reconstructed) Le forum était le lieu de la vie politique, économique et religieuse de Pompéi : bâtiments administratifs, marchés et temples étaient réunis sur cette « grande » place de 157m sur 38m. The building was heavily damaged by an earthquake of 62 years, but was partially repaired during the reconstruction of the Pompeii forum. Next to the forum were public and cult buildings as well as market halls.

The basilica of Pompeii was built in 130-120 BC and is one of the oldest examples of such a building. All the monuments necessary for the political and legal administration and for the economic and religious life of the city were concentrated here, but it wasn’t until the II century BC that a true monumental square was constructed, in an area substantially free of older buildings. Working as part of the Pompeii Forum Project [Dobbins 1996], the current study aims to bring a new kind of light to the task of reading the masonry walls: the light of engineering analysis. The much smaller Temple of Asclepius, or the Temple of Jupiter, Meilihios, became the main place of worship for Jupiter and the Capitoline Triad during that period. The Forum was the main square of the city. The Forum was quite large, measuring 157 x 38 metres and, together with the surrounding public buildings could contain all the inhabitants of the city. It was a 38 x 157-meter square surrounded by a colonnade. It was closed to traffic and accessible only by foot.

33. Reconstructing the Center of Civic Life in Ancient Pompeii. At the time of the eruption, the … The reconstruction builds upon the work of the Swedish Pompeii Project, which began in 2000 at the Swedish Institute in Rome and is now overseen by researchers at Sweden's Lund University. This web site presents work in progress on a project to bring structural engineering principles to bear on archaeological questions concerning the reconstruction of the ancient city of Pompeii following a severe earthquake in 62 AD, seventeen years before the famous eruption of Vesuvius buried the city in 79 AD. The Forum (coloured yellow in the diagram opposite) was the centre of Pompeii when it was first founded and even after the city's enlargement, when it could hardly be called 'central', it remained the focus of political, economic and religious life. 31-80. Rome, Forum of Caesar (1998-2008): Reconstruction view of the Temple of Venus Genetrix in Forum of Caesar the early 1st Century A.D. (Trajanic reconstruction). Fonti / sources: P. Maisto, M. Vitti, Tempio di Venere Genitrice: nuovi dati sulle fasi costruttive e decorative, in Bullettino della Commissione Archeologica Comunale di Roma C, 2009, pp. Terme Stabiane is not an imposing building, it has rather the size of the baths described by Seneca in one of his letters. It had three naves and it was situated at the south-western corner of the Forum; its entrance was on its eastern narrow side and its layout resembles that of an early church. Fig. 1 /pg.

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