I recommend that you get your Rat Terrier involved in regular obedience classes at the intermediate or advanced level, or in ongoing agility classes (an obstacle course for dogs). The miniature schnauzers are intelligent versatile dogs with the terrier attitude. Rat Terriers are a hardy healthy breed, strong, active, happy and funny. Also known as the American Rat Terrier, RT, Ratting Terrier, Rat, Decker Giant, or Rattie. They’re non-competitive and each dog is judged on his own abilities for seeking and locating rodents underground.

A truly “made in America” breed, the Rat Terrier is a moderate, medium-sized terrier bred to rid the farm of rodents. JUDGING THE RAT TERRIER PART ONE – 4 Impacting Characteristics Penny Cary, Sandra Ball and Stacy McWilliams The Rat Terrier became fully recognized by the American Kennel Club in June of 2013. “Rat bites are nips, and to a terrier, all that does is make them more determined.” In a dog-eat-dog world, R.A.T.S. The Westminster dog show has brought hundreds of dogs into Manhattan for two days of grooming, petting, barking and judging. Rat terriers – Rat terriers are an American breed that was bred for a farm and hunting companion. October 24, 2019 October 24, 2019 by Your Dog Advisor Staff. The Go-To-Ground (GTG) trial event was designed to simulate and test a Jack Russell's ability to hunt and work underground. 6. My name is Jackie Lillis and the name of my kennel is Dal Cais Rat Terriers. Below is a list of National and Regional Specialties approved for one year from today. The Rat Terrier has a strong prey drive, and they should never be allowed off lead, as most will not be able to resist the urge to chase when faced with a strange cat or squirrel.
The same way rat terriers were used for hunting rats and rodents in the countryside; they have also been used for years to control the rat problem in New York. Earthdog tests gauge how good a hunter your dog really is. The Rat Terrier is an American dog breed with a background as a farm dog and hunting companion. The Norwich-Norfolk terrier village, pictured here, won the best village competition at the event. All breeds of terriers were on displaying agility, obedience and other attributes. Fearlessly tenacious and alert, A Rat Terrier’s main love in life is to be with their people, so they enjoy competing as well, pets first, show dogs second. They share much ancestry with the small hunting dogs known as feists. Or join an earth dog club, where terriers are encouraged to dig and tunnel after small critters (which are secured in a sturdy cage so they can't be harmed). Even though the rat terrier doesn’t have the most appealing name on the long list of many dog breeds, it is a very kind and loving dog breed. Regional specialties are listed with standard formatting. Events are listed in date order with the first day of each specialty listed. has managed to stay afloat … National specialties are listed with green background. Traditionally they excelled at …
It is the closest some terriers may ever get to any type of "work". They typically range from 10 to 15 inches tall and 10-18 pounds.

These events are sponsored by the Parent Club for each breed. The health concerns that breeders should be checking their stock for are patellar luxation, cardiac abnormalities, hip dysplasia, and Legg–Calvé–Perthes syndrome. There is a group known as RATS to stand for Ryder’s Alley Trencher-fed Society , a pack of eight or so hunting dogs and their owners. Common throughout family farms in the 1920s and 1930s, they are now recognized by the United and American Kennel Clubs and are considered a rare breed. I breed AKC Registered Rat Terriers. 15 Things You Should Know About The Rat Terrier. They are the ultimate family companion, happy to lay around all day, ready to go in an instant. It is a matter of opinion as to whether a good Go-to-Ground terrier will make a good hunting terrier (or visa versa). The Rat Terrier over-all is a healthy and hearty breed of dog, but with their popularity growing in the recent years some common health concerns have arouse in the breed.

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