Nachdem Jack, Kate und die anderen die Insel verlassen haben, bleiben unter anderem Sawyer und Juliet auf der zeitspringenden Insel zurück, bis das Rad im Jahre 1974 zur Zeit der Dharma-Initiative stoppt.

Fics can be as short as you like, they can be set any time, any place, and be on any topic so long as they involved Kate and Sawyer, and happiness. Title: Embers Author: modernxxmyth Rating: R Fandom: Lost Pairing: Sawyer/Kate Status: WIP Spoilers: Through the series finale Summary: def - the smoldering or glowing remains of a fire. No bashing Sawyer or Kate as separate characters either.

This is a community dedicated to celebrating the relationship between James "Sawyer" Ford and Kate Austen as portrayed by Josh Holloway and Evangeline Lilly, respectively, on ABC's Lost. Kate clasped Claire’s hand harder with every bout of turbulence. Log in ... Jack/Sawyer (mentions of not working Jack/Kate, Jack/Juliet, Sawyer/Kate, and Sawyer/Juliet) (there's definitely hidden Kate/Juliet) Genre: romance/slash, I think that's it?? She meets the people that impact her life forever. 14 Stimme(n) 53,8% Sawyer, die beiden haben einen ähnlicheren …

Tiny comments made in passing can slide. Sawyer and Kate off the island.

Embers Part Two Two months passed in the blurriest of…

Moments of happiness, silliness, joy, sweetness and general nice feelings between Kate and Sawyer (and maybe a little angst on the side). Embers.

Rating: PG-13 A/N: This takes place after season three. lost_fanfic — Readability. A jealous Kate (who has just seen Jack and Juliet dining together) comes to Sawyer in tears and seduces him. Ich find ja eig, dass Jack und Kate en suppper süßes paar wären, aba grad in der 3.

Hell Bent on escaping. + We realize that there are many people who ship both Skate and Jate and want to be a part of this community, and so we ask that you keep that in mind with your posts. THEME: Sawyer/Kate Happy Moments Embers Part Two Two months passed in the blurriest of…

Summary: Jack and Sawyer fall in love easily. Registriere Dich kostenlos und mach mit bei Fanart, Fanfiction, RPGs, Rollenspielen und Diskussionen zu Serien/Filmen/Kino.

Kate-Jack oder Kate-Sawyer? We are a pro-Skate community, not an anti-Jate one.

Everyone was tense, no one believing that they could have really gotten off the island.

Kate Breaks Up a Fight Between Sawyer and Someone Else - 2 drinks Kate tries to break up a fight between Sawyer and someone else and does so while remaining calm, cool, and collected. Charlie and Libby laugh and joke with Sawyer and Juliet, while Locke hesitates at the bottom of the stairs until Boone touches him lightly on the shoulder. Fans of the couple can post icons, fanfiction and videos and participate in …

It aired on November 8, 2006, on ABC.The episode was written by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and directed by Tucker Gates.The character of Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly) is featured in the episode's flashbacks, where her brief marriage to a police officer, Kevin Callis (Nathan Fillion), is shown. Sawyer Calls Kate 'Freckles' - 1 Drink It's self explanatory.

( Kate says she doesn't love him either, over dinner.)

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