There are many species of this fish. The giant snakehead is a native specie to the ecosystems of the Mekong River basin and the Chao Phraya River … Channa micropeltes, giant snakehead, giant mudfish or Indonesian snakehead, is among the largest species in the family Channidae, capable of growing to 1.5 m (4.9 ft) in length and a weight of 20 kg (44 lb). Rainbow Snakehead: Scientific Name : CHANNA BLEHERI: Available Size (cm) : 10; In Stock : Red Snakehead: Scientific Name : CHANNA MICROPELTES: Available Size (cm) : 4-5; 6; 7.5; 10; In Stock : View All Product: Dear Fish Importers/Wholesaler, My name is Poh Ee. In scientific terms, snakeheads are divided into two distinct genera: ... one of the Asian spe-cies, the northern snakehead, generated national media attention when anglers caught this fish in a pond in Maryland and, more recently, in the Potomac River in Maryland and Virginia. The two that are causing the most problems in the US are the Northern Snakehead fish Channa argus and the bullseye snakehead Channa maurlius. Their extended body reaches up to 83 cm long (33 inches). The Northern Snakehead Fish’ Main Traits. The giant snakehead (Channa micropeltes) is a freshwater fish species in the snakeheads family (family Channidae) of order Perciformes (perch-likes). Northern Snakehead fish have long, narrow bodies with long dorsal fins and veins that resemble a snake’s body.

The snakehead fish has been causing a bunch of problems in Georgia and other states.
It’s an invasive species and wreaks havoc on the native populations. It has a dark brown or black color with streaks or snake-like patterns

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