I wasn’t even sure if I believed in twin flames. $65.99 Add To Cart! Apr 5, 2014 - Karmic Soul Mates And Twin Flame Relationships. The details of this program were channeled 22 April 2019 This is an eight (8) week Soul Retrieval and Healing "Bootcamp" program that will involve 4 one-on-one Zoom or Skype sessions of 30 minutes each, for a total cost of $170USD ($250 AUD). However you also need to balance your inner masculine and feminine side, which calls for loads of deprogramming deeply ingrained patriarchal beliefs systems. Counselor. 1 Comment / Uncategorized / By Daniel Thelen.

Consider Soul Retrieval Therapy as a way of recovering these fragments of your soul that ‘flipped out’ at points of major emotional, physical or mental anguish. Apr 5, 2014 - Karmic Soul Mates And Twin Flame Relationships.

Shamanism; Soul Splits and Soul Retrieval. Guidance and Healing for Twin Flames and Advanced Souls. I also provide twin flame healing to unify, heal and re-connect broken relationships and marriages. … It is SO WORTH IT. Akashic healing/soul fragment retrieval with the Angelic realm. Twin Flame Soul Song Report; Blogs Menu Toggle. My name is Celene Waters, and I am a qualified psychic and spiritual advisor who gives accurate psychic … Triple Moon Goddess Tarot. My twin flame guidance sessions will help you to discover and identify your twin flame or soul mate connection.
Twin Flame Buddha. You can achieve love and relationship success with my spiritual methods.

If you are familiar with my work on my YouTube channel I’ve been questioning and exploring recently if the Twin Flame movement is a sinister program to siphon our energy or a true phenomenon. Welcome to My Soul Vibez. Nothing is a coincidence and you being here is you being guided towards me as part of your journey.

Twin Flame Healers: Guidance and Healing for Twin Flames & Soul Couples. Identify whether you are experiencing a true twin-flame or soul–mate connection. In fact, I balked when I was led by Spirit to create for my next album a song titled “Twin Flame Union”.

... aka soul retrieval. Hello, friends. Even though I often do soul retrieval and bring home fragmented soul aspects, I wasn’t sure that the other half of my soul was somewhere out there or in another incarnated body. The concept is that an individual’s soul is the totality of self and when we reject an aspect of that totality we stop communicating with that aspect of self, causing the soul to become fragmented.

Aids shamanic journeying and soul retrieval; Enhances personal power; Strengthens your energy field; Creates spiritual grounding ; Allows you to access unconscious layers of the mind; Along with Moldavite, Nuummite is a rare and sought-after stone as it is so limited in quantity.

Book your session "Happiness is Now" Guidance and healing .

The Soul Therapist.

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