Places. Log In Sign Up. My OH drinks Tramp Brew regularly and he isn't a tramp well i call him that when he sends me to the shop to buy it. Special Brew was first brewed by Carlsberg to commemorate a visit to Denmark of Winston Churchill in 1950. Supermarkets are refusing to stop selling super-strong beer and cider despite a campaign for a ban. But Warka Strong at 99p from the local ISBIR, being 7.0% and got me throughly shit faced after 4 cans fulfils the tramp juice, the fact that it actually tastes alright is just an added bonus. In Britain, where Carlsberg has its own brewery and produces Special locally, the product has been such a success that it has inspired many imitators, some even stronger. chriswyatt Posts: 3,808. … Call for ban on super-strength 'tramp juice' Matt Weaver. He mixes them with Stella, OMG i've just realised how this reads/sounds. But with the news that it’s set to be watered down, these are indeed dark times for drinkers of ‘tramp juice’, ‘gut rot’ or – to give it it’s official name – Special Brew. About. Comments. Forum Member 11/08/11 - 00:04 #2. degsyhufc Posts: 59,254. Community. Walk into almost any off-licence and supermarket and you will find cans of Special Brew and Tennent's Super. Special Brew is a strong lager brewed only in Denmark and the United Kingdom. Ratings Community Events Places Forums. The government recommends 3 – 4 units a day for men as acceptable. He mixes them with Stella, OMG i've just realised how this …

I like the appeal to the true tramp contingent.

RateBeer Best Update: Our annual beer awards have been announced! [42] The flavour incorporates "cognac flavours among its tasting notes" as Churchill was partial to brandy. App Store.

Forum Member 11/08/11 - 00:03 in Food and Drink #1. and also though it was rank but I had a can tonight and it wasn't that bad . Score: 61 with 46 ratings and reviews. I'm going to be comparing the ABD with Tennants Super and Carslberg Special Brew! Google Play Store. View Results Dismiss.

View Results Dismiss. "Come on!!!"

Carlsberg Special Brew is made in Denmark but not marketed there. The most comprehensive ratings and reviews of beers from around the world. I've had Belgian beers that were stronger and didn't taste like it so it's not the alcohol strength.

View Results Dismiss. ... known as "tramp juice", to help save the lives of street drinkers. I used to go to my mates after work, and her mum would give me half a can with my tea 'because its too strong to have a whole one'.

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