Telling Lies looks to be an even deeper investigative rabbit hole than Her Story, with the game’s trailer touting “96 small lies…and one big lie” to unravel. 0 comments. With Telling Lies, video game designer Sam Barlow is creating a genre out of the movie video game combination -- but one that still needs some work. By typing a word or phrase into the search engine, the in-game algorithm pulls up the top five results, which can then be viewed from the point at which the word or phrase appears. Telling Lies, an investigative thriller game about exploring private conversations, is headed to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on April 28, 2020. Opting to use the same barebones video player both does not make sense for this storyline and introduces an annoyance that players are forced to deal with.
Questions regarding activism, duty, and political and corporate corruption are at the forefront here, and none of them comes with an easy answer. An investigative thriller game with non-linear storytelling, Telling Lies revolves around a cache of secretly recorded video conversations. Be the first to share what you think! It’s a game that doesn’t hold your hand, and ultimately it’s down to you to decide the truth – another secret of a good mystery done well. It is very much a cinematic, interactive story first and a game second. David doesn't seem to be able to "get off" from this, you hear him say "assh*le" implying that he got disappointed at himself from screwing this relationship up. Telling Lies asks you this compelling question as you scour through video clips of dishonest people, and the answers can only be found with your own intuition. The terrible incident turned out to be classified, but your hero does not stop in front of difficulties. share. A few people in the comments for the Max Gentlemen videos expressed some concern that Jared was playing some adult-oriented stuff, seemingly fighting against the algorithm and perhaps treading too close to self-destruction. Telling Lies | PS4 Gameplay | Joypads and Dsticks | Yes Commentary TwitchandMoan; No videos; No views; Updated yesterday; Full game. Be the first to share what you think! no comments yet. The main gameplay of Telling Lies comes through the NSA surveillance app. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Telling Lies is the Spiritual Successor to Sam Barlow's previous game Her Story, with a similar presentation and highly similar gameplay. save hide report. Telling Lies doesn't have easy-to-follow traditional storytelling elements like a rising action or climax. Telling Lies is an FMV or Full Motion Video game, that bridges the gap between the gaming and film worlds in interesting ways. Sort by. The Telling Lies game allows you to demonstrate your deductive abilities and logical thinking to solve a sinister crime. At the same time, the game brilliantly evokes the texture of life in an age of surveillance. Blind or partially blind playthrough. [Gameplay Video] Telling Lies, Part 7. Media. no comments yet. Her Story is a tough act to follow, and unfortunately, Telling Lies does not hit the same emotional highs that Barlow’s previous game did.

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