Oral thrush – babies. Although oral thrush can affect anyone, it's more likely to occur in babies and older adults because they have reduced immunity; in other people with suppressed immune systems or certain health conditions; or people who take certain medications. NHS Choices, Medical Encyclopedia. Breastfed babies can also develop thrush in their mouths. What Causes Thrush? My baby has oral thrush. Babies can also pick up oral thrush when they pass through their mothers’ vaginas during birth. But if your baby has thrush, it doesn’t necessarily mean she has a …

Thrush refers to a type of yeast infection that develops in moist areas on the body, especially under the chin of a drooling infant or in the form of a diaper rash. Small amounts of the candida fungus are in … Thrush infections sometimes happen when your nipples become cracked or damaged. www.nhs.uk [Accessed October 2009] NHS Choices. www.patient.co.uk [Accessed September 2009] Perlstein D. 2007. www.nhs.uk [Accessed October 2009] Patient UK. Can it affect me if I'm breastfeeding?
2008. This means the candida fungus that causes thrush can get into your nipple or breast. Children with weak immune systems are more likely to get oral thrush infections.

But it can occur at any age. Although the infection is very irritating and can impact a baby's daily eating and sleeping habits, it is, thankfully, treatable.

Most species are grey or brown in colour, often with speckled underparts. Thrush infections can also happen after you or your baby has had a course of antibiotics. The great thrush is similar in length, but less heavily built. Oral thrush in babies. 2007. The vagina often has small amounts of candida naturally. Oral thrush is an infection in the mouth caused by a yeast germ called Candida.Oral thrush in babies is not usually serious and can generally be cleared with treatment. Oral thrush is a common type of infection that occurs in the mouth of babies. The largest thrush is the blue whistling thrush, at 178 g (6.3 oz) and 33 cm (13 in). Oral thrush is most common in babies and older adults, who tend to have weaker immune systems. They are insectivorous, but most species also eat worms, land snails, and fruit.

Anyone can get thrush, but it happens most often to babies and toddlers, older adults, and people with weakened immune systems.

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