Pope Gregory VII and King Henry IV Conflicts between the medieval Christian church, led by the Pope, and nations, ruled by kings, occurred throughout the Middle Ages. Emperor Henry IV and Pope Gregory VII "Letter to Gregory VII," January 24, 1076. In response, the Pope excommunicated Henry and released his subjects from their allegiance. One great clash between a pope and a king took place between Pope Gregory VII and King Henry IV of the Holy Roman Empire.

Most of the people seemed to support the actions of the pope and not those of Henry. On January 25, 1077, Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV arrived at the gates of the fortress at Canossa in Emilia Romagna beyond the Alpes to declare atonement and to pledge for forgiveness from Pope Gregory VII, who had excommunicated Henry earlier from church. The Emperor Henry iv of Germany was given a similar opportunity after the Pope had actually refused his attempts to reconcile.

Henry was very young when he became king. The excommunication of the king made a deep impression both in Germany and Italy.

Biography. Published in Select Historical Documents of the Middle Ages, 1910 "First Deposition and Banning of Henry IV," February 22, 1076. The Catholic league had even passed a law that barred Henry from the throne. What was the date when Pope Gregory VII excommunicated emperor Henry IV? In 1076 Henry persuaded the German bishops to renounce obedience to Pope Gregory VII. Pope Gregory excommunicated King Henry IV while Henry declared the pope deposed. In Milan a popular party, the Patarines, dedicated to reforming the city’s corrupt higher clergy, elected its own archbishop, who was recognized by the pope. How did Pope Gregory respond to Henry IV's attempt to remove him from power ? On this day in history, on 17th December 1538, Pope Paul III excommunicated King Henry VIII of England. It took wisdom, patience, and self-restraint. henry iv of france Thomas Gun, Wikimedia Commons Though baptized as a Catholic, Henry IV was raised as a Hugenot, and thus was excommunicated as a heretic in 1585 by Pope … Henry didn’t abandon Catherine and continued courting Anne, and soon he banished his aging and unwanted wife from the court.

German aristocrats who were hostile to Henry called for the Pope to hold an assembly in Germany to hear Henry's case. Henry IV - Henry IV - Role in the Investiture Controversy: That rebellion affected relations between Henry and the pope. The pope excommunicated Henry. Henry tried to force the pope to grant him absolution by doing penance before him at Canossa, where Gregory stayed. The pope had already left Rome.

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