This is just a metric that speaks of an overextended chart and heightened downside vulnerability in the event of selling pressure, and may thus attract such pressure.

This is not happened yet for ETH and also not for BTC.At its deepest point Ethereum lost 94% of its value to 80€. Ethereum price news: Why is Ether going down today? It recovered quickly because there were buyers. A whip is not a correction. Claymore mining crashing when starting up. ... companies planning an ICO, ethereum (ETH) is the network ... but never be able to conclusively determine who is making them or why. At some point you have to have buyers but look at the ETH GDAX crash that did not stop until the price hit $0.10. ---- Extra information ----I uninstalled the existing display drivers, then used DDU to preform a clean uninstall of my drivers in safe mode after I used the built in uninstaller.

Bitcoin rival ethereum plunged Monday despite a major exchange's efforts to shore up confidence by announcing a credit for customers who lost money during last week's flash crash. Ethereum is an alternative digital currency to bitcoin and had been trading as high as $352 on Wednesday. The price of Ethereum has had a tough time over the past few months, not just in fiat terms but also relative to other cryptocurrencies like Dash and Dogecoin. Price dumped because a whale triggered a crash. But Why Is it Crashing? It's up about 3,601% so far in 2017.

In the report, the company claims that an enormous Chinese cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme has been dumping huge volumes of crypto assets each month, causing price suppression. ... 11:39:52:466 ecc ETH: No pools specified! Looks like there was a flash crash caused by an exploit from Fulcrum trading. Why is ETH Crashing? Are ICO Cashouts Crashing Cryptocurrency Prices?

So don't be too worried everyone!

ethminer -U --opencl-platform 1.

It just goes back to the terminal and gives no output anywhere. With a specific crash message from the blue screen in hand, you can at least perform a web search to discover what might be going on. “ETH didn't just dump because of “RSI overbought”. But this is not enough to be a healthy correction. Simple,” said Kruger. Ethereum price declined sharply. ...Nothing happens. First off, ICOs do not hold that much power to crash any market apart from those coins they wish to create. Over the weekend, TradingView’s top crypto trader, Jacob Canfield, reported that someone had exploited ‘Fulcrum trading’ and made off with $360K ETH.

Or basically anything else other than. Crypto market is crashing hard, here's why. ETH/USD is currently in danger of further declines underneath $100 and $98 support levels in the short term. It’s a much better starting point than looking for generic information about why a computer crashes or freezes. ethminer -h. I don't expect a new ATH for BTC and ETH and the correction will probably not end before this happens.

Ethereum and Bitcoin (several others as well) are simply too large to be affected by ICOs and scams in that particular sector of the industry. While I agree that ETH is definitely crashing fairly hard right now, it is not too severe in comparison to every other altcoin and the current market crash. The above tools can help you get more of a handle on your problem. Ethereum has snapped back to around its pre-flash-crash level.

ETH is trading at around $133 at the time of writing. Actually, the price of Bitcoin has more than halved since January. ETH plunges $20BILLION ETHEREUM’s price crashed by more than 20 percent today amid fears of … I've tried it in the Terminology terminal as well as the regular xfce terminal, and it gives me the same behavior. Specify at least one valid pool in "-epool" parameter. The steep drop follows Bloomberg publishing an article referencing a new report by blockchain forensics firm Chainalysis . A lot of people are coming up with all of these theories around why the price has taken such a hit, but I …

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