AnswerIf we go back more than two hundred thousand years, we find common ancestors for all humans. The Moabites are the Chinese people.The Ammonites are the Japanese people as you know these poeple have been in the earth for dynasties, and are still here today just as the children of Isreal are here. One group of Canaanites was called the Sinites (Genesis 10:15–17). Hubal was a Moabite deity imported into Mecca and was the chief deity in Mecca before Allah. Some people have even connected the city of Moscow in Russia with Meshech. The modern African tribes and the Mongol tribes (including today the Chinese and Japanese), as well as the American Indians and the South Sea Islanders, are probably dominantly Hamitic in origin. Later on, we find that Gomer and Javan and the others of Japheth followed them into the east into the region of what we call China today. Moab was born … All people today came out of Babel (Genesis 10:32), including the Chinese people. Moab (/ ˈ m oʊ æ b /) is the name of an ancient kingdom whose territory is today located in the modern state of Jordan.The land is mountainous and lies alongside much of the eastern shore of the Dead Sea.The existence of the Kingdom of Moab is attested to by numerous archaeological findings, most notably the Mesha Stele, which describes the Moabite … They had influenced the Hebrews and intermarried with them … Daily Love Chinese Career Streaming Quarantine Free Birth Chart. Horoscopes. The Chinese came from the line of Noah’s son Ham and grandson Canaan. Moses concludes the account of Sodom and Gomorrah’s destruction in today’s passage, telling us that Lot fathered the Moabites and the Ammonites by his daughters (Gen. 19:37–38). The Moabites were a tribe of people who descended from Moab, one of the sons of Lot, the nephew of Abraham (Genesis 19:37). Read your free daily chinese horoscopes from The Chinese have a tradition that their first king, Fu-hi or Fohi (Chinese Noah), made his appearance on the Mountains of Chin, was surrounded by a rainbow after the world had been covered with water, and sacraficed animals to … The Moabites are the founders of the present city of Mecca and why Sultan Abdul Aziz Ibu Suad listed as “The descendant of Hagar, now the head of the Holy City of Mecca”. Chinese scholar traces Israelites and Esau to China ... Moabites, Ammonites, and Canaanites all spoke languages similar to Hebrew. Among the many ways in which the Hamites have been the great “servants” of mankind are the following: These nations of Japheth moved north and then on farther east. Moab was one of two sons born to Lot's daughters after they helped him to become drunk and then had children through him, seeing him as their only option to bear children. Find out what the new Chinese astrology fortune year may have in store for you today! Hubal was one of the 360 idols found in the Mecca and … Conversely, the 1West “Hebrew Israelites” do teach that modern-day Chinese are actually Biblical Moabites.10 When they first began to preach this publicly in Times Square and on Public Access TV throughout the Tri-state area, their case hinged entirely on Genesis 19:36–37, which reveals Moab was conceived in incest. They had been conquered by the Hebrews several times as well as having in their turn ruled over parts of Israel at different periods. Some of these descendants were called Canaanites. That is a possibility. Before we consider the history of these two nations, let us look at an important lesson the original readers of Genesis were to learn from … Today, Siang-fu can be loosely translated, "Peace to the Western Capital of China".