Add remaining ingredients and beat until mixture is evenly blended. This honey yogurt sauce is perfect on fruit and desserts, as a dip, or a topping! Greek Yogurt Dill Dip. The addition of yogurt makes this caramel apple dip a little bit less sweet (and lightens it up a bit). Growing up, taco dip was one of my favorite recipes but it isn’t the most waist friendly combination. Even by hand if you have to. So, showing you how to swap cream cheese for the Greek yogurt version of cream cheese that I make, will not only help with reducing the fat content to zero, but it will give everything you make with it a huge punch of protein. Only three ingredients (plus whatever you choose for dipping) make this cheesecake dip a quick and easy snack hack to whip up for the kids after school. cans lump white crab, drained; 2/3 cup Dannon® Oikos® Plain Greek Nonfat Yogurt; 2 (8 oz.) 1 teaspoon minced garlic. low fat cream cheese or Neufchatel cheese, softened Black pepper for seasoning. Cream Cheese Caramel Apple Dip. The greek yogurt/cottage cheese mix still makes this rich and creamy, with way less fat and a whole lot more protein! This is possibly the best Fruit Dip I’ve ever made, and it’s made with only 4 ingredients. I love dairy. cream cheese, Marshmallow Fluff, cinnamon, plain greek yogurt and 1 more Sausage Cream Cheese Dip Stuffed Mushrooms Cafe Delites sour cream, freshly ground … Cream cheese and butter seem to be the main ingredient in most “heavenly” food dishes. 10 of the best Greek yogurt dip recipes to make veggies, chips and crackers taste delicious, without all the extra calories found in mayo and sour cream-based dips. To make this dessert recipe, I use a combination of cream cheese mixed with greek yogurt. Serve with pita chips. Surprised? The fruit itself just becomes a vehicle to shovel as much of the dip into my mouth as possible. You can also use Greek yogurt cream cheese , instead of regular cream cheese which has more protein and less fat than traditional cream cheese. Beat the Greek yogurt into the fluffy cream cheese and combine until all blended together and yummy. The results are a super creamy and perfectly sweet Cream Cheese Fruit Dip. Greek yogurt cream cheese in my grocery was moldy so I took 16 oz Greek yogurt and left it in the fridge in a sifter for 1-2 days, which solidifies it and turns it into cream cheese. So, we’re swapping the cream cheese with greek yogurt in this Greek Yogurt Fruit Dip Recipe! Make a small batch to serve one or two or make it full-size as one of the best gluten-free dessert dips for a party. Please note that Salty Side Dish uses recipe cards, so to gather full measurements, scroll down the recipe card at the bottom of the post, which you can also print to help you cook without having my site pulled up. In this cold spinach dip recipe, by replacing the mayonnaise and cheeses with fat-free versions of yogurt and cream cheese, you will have a delicious dip without all of the fat. It doesn't have to be, though, so don't eliminate it from your party menu just yet. Here’s the thing. So, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to create a slightly healthier version of the traditional fruit dip. Cheesecake fruit dip is a healthy treat when it is lightened up with Greek yogurt. Crumble 8 Graham wafers into the bottom of 4 verrines, spoon a layer of fruit dip over top, and add sliced strawberries. That being said, the hot sauce hits a little differently so go light at first. Scoop it into a serving bowl and serve with your choice of fruits. Serve with cut up carrots, celery, broccoli, and other vegetables. It has more protein than regular cream cheese, and I’ve found that it tastes and acts like regular cream cheese in recipes. Greek Yogurt Dip, sour cream, Greek yogurt, garlic, feta cheese, kalamata olives, and spices make for one knock-out appetizer, side dish, or snack! So I lightened up the recipe by swapping the cream cheese and sour cream for Greek yogurt. You can always add, but can't take away. Deselect All. And no one will be the wiser. Using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream is a great way to make spinach dip a little healthier. I love to serve it with homemade pita chips. I like to use Greek yogurt cream cheese in this recipe. 1/4 cup finely chopped shallot. You can even make this ahead of time and chill for up to 2 days! To make Greek Dip, I start with a layer of cream cheese mixed with Greek yogurt, garlic, lemon juice, and a little Italian seasoning. Sign Up / Log In My Feed Articles Meal Planner New Pantry-Ready Recipes New Browse Yummly Pro Guided Recipes Christmas New New Year's Eve New Smart Thermometer. Jan 25, 2017 - Cherry cheesecake dip - made with greek yogurt! Also goes great with pita chips, potato chips, pretzels or even fresh pita. Chef’s secret: One dip, two uses! Creamy Greek Feta Dip - Such a simple yet creamy, satisfying dip that everyone will go crazy for! Directions. 7 ounces The Best Yogurt Cream Cheese Vegetable Dip Recipes on Yummly | Skinny Carrot Cake With Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese Frosting, Fresh Herb Cream Cheese Dip, Old English Cream Cheese Dip. Just as thick and creamy as the original version, but this one’s packed with protein and probiotics from the Greek yogurt. Enjoy!. I bought a package of the Keebler mini graham cracker pie crusts, and filled the six little crusts up with the Opadipity dip, then topped them with sliced fresh strawberries and some whole fresh blueberries! See more ideas about cream cheese recipes, cheese recipes, cream cheese. Combine the yogurt cheese, cucumber, dill, garlic, zest and juice of lemon, black pepper, and olive oil. Consider this Cucumber Dip 2.0, same delicious combination of mayo and spices with thick, creamy Greek Yogurt. Staring at this picture and dreaming of a big ole spoon and all the goodness inside that bowl! Good quality feta cheese-this is the body of the dip . Taste and season with more salt, if desired. Olive Oil to emulsify the mix. I swapped out cream cheese/dressing for greek yogurt and cottage cheese. Greek Yogurt Dip, a creamy crowd-pleasing yogurt dip, loaded with traditional Greek flavors! Step 2. and that’s all! Now for my recipe: the Opadipity creamy cheesecake sweet greek yogurt dip is absolutely delicious! Mayo Sour Cream or Greek Yogurt-to add creaminess and mellow the brininess of feta cheese. Spring is … This Greek Yogurt Fruit Dip only takes 2 ingredients and 2 minutes! It is not using a whole bottle of ranch like my non-WW friendly version calls for. In a large bowl using a hand mixer, beat feta cheese, Greek yogurt, cream cheese, oil, and lemon juice and zest until fluffy and combined. Takes just 15 minutes (or less) to whip up using feta, cream cheese, Greek yogurt, lemon juice and fresh herbs! Stir until mixed. Using a hand-held mixer, beat cream cheese until smooth. . Season with salt and red pepper flakes and stir in dill. If you prefer, you can use regular or 1/3-less fat cream cheese instead. We went with strawberries, but you could use pretty much any fruit. This creamy Greek Dip is so colorful and healthy and is a cinch to throw together for summer entertaining. Do I have to use Greek yogurt cream cheese? This buffalo chicken dip is using ranch powder, greek yogurt, cream cheese, and part skim mozzarella. Plus, it’s made with only 3 ingredients and takes less than 2 minutes to make. I didn’t think so. Greek yogurt is thicker than traditional yogurt; if you use traditional, start with ¾ cup of yogurt; add more until you get the consistency you like Storage: Greek Yogurt Dip will hold up well in the fridge for about up to a week, provided it's covered well. BEAT cream cheese in medium bowl with electric mixer for about 1 minute until softened; add confectioner’s sugar and beat until smooth and well combined, stopping to scrape down side of bowl as needed.. ADD yogurt and beat for a minute or two longer until mixture is smooth and fluffy, scraping bowl again.Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve. Jul 4, 2020 - Lots of ways to to lower the fat, amplify the protein, and add some delightful tanginess to any recipe with Greek Cream Cheese. I then used that with one regular crea cheese, plus I cut out the lemon. Serve with strawberry, pineapple, and blackberry brochettes. 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice. Lemon zest for brightness. Must Love Home is a food blog where you’ll find easy, family recipes with lots of flavor that even the beginner home cook can make. INGREDIENTS: 2 (6 oz.) Add 1/4 cup of the powdered sugar and keep whipping until the whipped cream makes peaks that keep standing, this is the hard peak stage. Spinach artichoke dip is usually made with tons of shredded cheese, cream cheese and even mayo which makes it super high in fat.