Its ergonomics and trigger are universally loved. Like a shoulder holster, using a holster inside your waistband will really depend on your body-type. All gun makers should strive for this level of ergonomic satisfaction. Here’s a tried and true pistol that manages to use some very innovative technologies (rotating barrel). It was very hard to hit a target at any distance due to the excessive trigger pull, travel and reset. After all, it’s bigger than many will want for a Concealed Carry pistol. It has the ergonomics of the great P30 but incorporates a great striker-fired trigger that loyal H&K fans have been asking for. It is most definitely small enough to conceal easily. It can be configured to fit just about any size or shape of the hand perfectly. The flat trigger has an entirely fantastic feel. If you want to Conceal Carry 17 rounds of 9mm in a fantastic handling Glock, the G45 is right up your alley. And for good reason. Weight: 27 oz Cost: $600 – $800. This helps with reloads. Dry fire it. Here’s a great Concealed Carry shooter for those who believe H&K is the crème of the crop. I carry the sub often, the compact fitted with a TLR-3 light is my house gun. Once you have your concealed carry permit there are laws that apply to you. The fns9c is an awesome gun that outshines alot of these guns on this list. Donate Online 2. Caliber: 9mm Smith & Wesson makes two barrel lengths for this one. Capacity: 11-13+1 The trigger feel is better as well. Cost: $519. It is very easy to carry. Notice critics already have a solution for “themselves”. Took 30 minutes with a needle and thread. I will be ordering a clinger holster next week. This pistol just won’t go away! The break is a little crisper than the P365’s but it’s barely noticeable. When you consider how reliable it is (it is an H&K after all) and how sweet the ergonomics are, this pistol’s popularity is no surprise. … Caliber: 9mm I do like the pocket conversion but I do wear different types of pants here in Florida, but good idea. The problem is the hair trigger. Only complaint is needing to replace the mag release with the FNS9 one. Yet, it holds 10+1 rounds of 9mm rather than the usual 6+1 or 7+1 rounds. Required fields are marked *. It comes within a 4 inch and a 3.6-inch version. The state of the art in 9mm … There’s barely enough room to get all your fingers on the grip. Well, Taurus still has a best seller in the PT111 G2. In Arizona. Another factor making it great for Concealed Carry is how insanely reliable they are. We were trying to bring food, water, and medical supplies to these people and in their drunken, stoned, decreased physical state these intoxicants hit them even harder than normal, so while trying to help, they shot holes in our Blackhawk helicopters. Yes, it adds a few ounces. People know my wife ( public figure for 30 years and someone who was born and raised here ) and they know she has cancer. It's a double stack mag and that's part of the problem. I can legally carry a concealed firearm in California, but can I wear a COVID 19 protective mask while carrying concealed? I mean you have a couple of taurus handguns here……. With numerous ways to expand your collection online, in stores, and at gun shows, getting your hands on a piece of history is easier than ever before. The only difference is the longer barrel. Under a shirt tail. Now consider that everyone loves how this pistol shoots. After the hurricane looters broke into liquor stores, pharmacies, and then gun shops. The EDC X9 may strike some as being a bit large for concealed carry but we beg to differ. When holstering your gun under your arm, make sure you practice your draw. Cost: $550. Hands-down, the Sig P238 (with the extended magazine) is the most fun to shoot and the BEST concealed-carry gun I have ever put in my hand. However, it has a lightweight aluminum frame just as the P-01 does. While the PPQ is very ergonomic and many companies are scrambling to catch up. Beware, the … Let us know in the comments. The grip safety was one of the selling points of the weapon for me. However, you would have to look very hard to notice that tiny difference. So, this is one of the best-concealed carry guns for big hands. Weight: 28 oz This upped the ammo count from 6 to 10. Best Concealed Carry Handguns 1. I never realized finding the best match was so complex. First, the quality is outstanding. And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear. They’re 9mm versions of Colt’s Mustang. It’s very tacky and easy to keep a good grip on during rapid fire. You’ll swear your hand and this pistol was designed together in the same engineering lab. HK was the first to polymer pistol frames. Once the PPQ was on the market, all others had to catch up as quickly as possible. I live in SE Texas where there are two seasons, Summer and August !! Clearly as accurate, reliable carry guns, they worth mentioning, no? After purchasing one of these great handguns, be sure to check out Clinger Holsters for the best gun holsters to securely hold your new handgun. In all honesty, ditching the locking mechanism was a smart move. The fifth-generation makes the G26 even sweeter. Caliber: 9mm Now when most people think “big gun,” they think 1911 or a long barrel revolver, but unless you’re the Joker, you probably aren’t going to carry a Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum with the 6.5-inch barrel or a full-size Desert Eagle. The difference between the PCR and the P-01 is that the PCR doesn’t have a rail making it a little sleeker and easier to conceal. I love my Walther PK380. The Glock 48 is a great Concealed Carry pistol that feels and shoots sort of like a service pistol. It can be difficult to just move around, such as jogging or walking briskly or riding a bike or doing chores or running errands outside if the gun just bounces against your body such as if it is in a fanny pack. It’s a little more expensive than the original but well worth it as one of the best-concealed carry guns. The Gen 5 updates include a better trigger and more accurate barrel. However, we can tell you that we are shipping out huge numbers of holsters for the Hellcat. All that said, let’s look examine what options you do have. Caliber: 9mm Furthermore, your full-sized gun isn’t something you’ll want to carry in an ankle holster or even appendix carry. What I have found from reading most forum is people want to carry a handgun but they do not want the carry to be cumbersome. Gave my Sig P320 to my Son-In-Law because he shot it and fell in love with it. Barrel Length: 1.87” I cannot bring home so much of a sniffle home to her immunosuppressed, frail body. Also, it fits the hand fairly well because of its integrated finger grooves. Barrel Length: 3” Weight: 15 oz The weight and size make it easier to conceal than my 1911 .45 acp…. If you want a pistol that’s good enough to run in competitions yet small enough to Conceal Carry, this could be the perfect handgun for your Concealed Carry loadout. If you need a reliable pistol and you don’t have a ton of spare cash, this might be the pistol for you. Is one round worth hauling around the extra 15.5 ounces? Plus, they updated their logo. However, big guns shoot better and hold more bullets. It has the proven stopping power of the 45 ACP cartridge. Most of these carry discussions don't address what most of us do everyday. In a good holster, it’s small enough to completely disappear. However, I can only fit so many pistols in a blog post. With a Kydex holster taking care of the trigger guard duties, this was a concealed carry … The Centurion and Compact version both have shorter barrels and grips than the Full-Size APX. Given that we live in a relatively small college town when the students are gone. Thank you again. Go from CCW to nightstand gun with quick change to extended mag with grip sleeve. An idea for the iwb holsters: i have modified nylon phone/pda pouches to slide over the kydex, this way I can slip the holster under my belt/outside the pants/and cover it with the shirt tail(if the bottom is exposed it’s only a phone cover). F… Beretta moved into the polymer-framed striker-fired pistol market with a great entry. So for all you Glock fans who were swayed (or almost swayed) over to Sig’s corner, you now have a thin 10 round Glock that’s still easy to conceal carry. The extended mag holds 13 to Sig’s 12. It’s generally carried “Cocked & Locked”. First, it has Walther’s unmatched fit and finishes. None of the above five reasons are valid criteria for choosing which handgun to carry—None! Even compared to a Glock 36 (their .45 ACP subcompact) you aren’t gaining much other than more gun to carry around. Caliber: 9mm As always, share your thoughts in the comments! Thank you for the privilege of answering this question and I apologize for the long diatribe. 10 years ago, it was hard to find a good pistol for less than $300-$400. Barrel Length: 3”- 5” Taurus took a great gun and made it more reliable. Barrel Length: 3.55” An IWB holster is also an option. However, I am disappointed that one gun model that never seem to get on the list. The CZ PCR is very similar to the CZ-75 Compact. Caliber: 9mm I guess I’m looking for a “sub” compact, which most of these are not. Its grip is more adjustable than just about any pistol you’ve handled before. The bottom line is this: Sig scared most handgun manufactures with the P365. Fat guys can't do it, the rolls get in the way. I have found barrel length and overall gun width to be less of a factor than grip height. Hence, popularity with the market is an excellent consideration for those buyers who are on the fence between and among several guns/pistols. The CCP features what Walther calls “SoftCoil gas technology” that seems to do a good job at taming recoil. GL43, too light. You can conceal a lot of gun under a coat with the right holster, so pretty much … At 32 ounces, it weighs almost twice as much as some very small pistols. In fact, from the side, it looks like a Mod.2 with a hammer. It takes very little effort to rack the slide. Cost: $475. I do like the Sig P225, P229 compact, 320 compact, and a few others. The trigger on this pistol is staggeringly good. I don’t know how Ruger’s engineers pulled it off but they surely made a sweet-shooting pistol at a crazy price point. Capacity: 13+1 The Ruger American Compact Pistol is one of the latest pistols for Concealed Carriers from Ruger. It feels utterly amazing in the hand thanks to very similar ergonomics to its much loved PPQ cousin. It’s very close in size to the 9mm. Barrel Length: 3.25 inches These are our 50 best-concealed carry guns that we have tested and loved. It’s not going to be comfortable and is unlikely to even fit in the first place. That’ll give you a longer sight radius and more accuracy (theoretically). I saw first-hand what people who are hungry and have no source of water will do. Caliber: 9mm 2. Capacity: 15+1 Depending on the occasion, you could wear a jacket. Note the C on the end. That means that the hammer must be cocked back to take the first shot. Truly, the fit and finish are amazing. The went even smaller when the Kel-tec .32 came out. And everyone of these pistols came after the Glock, every one has already been through changes that totally changed the looks. The caniks on the list ppq racks right on slides made on same line, So “best” doesn’t really mean best? Cost: $475. Love the Kahr. Normally I would never carry this, but given the fact that my beautiful, loving, wife & I are battling her stage 4 metasticized rectal cancer and I am her only caregiver, formerly a nurse and NEC 8403 SOIDC, I gave my wife two daily injections and others at different intervals during the week &month. Caliber: 380 ACP, 9mm Value and reliability equal one of the best-concealed carry guns you can find today. Plus, the trigger is upgraded to a X-Series flat trigger. We’ve built dozens of AR’s and we’ll cover all the best AR-15 upgrades such as handguards, triggers, BCGs, gas blocks, and more. Now you’ve got an amazing gun that’s easy enough to Conceal Carry all day long. Will it sell as well as the Sig? The Walther CCP M2 is a newer version of the popular CCP. Driving. FNH FNS-9C should be on everyone’s short list for next gun to buy. Any suggestions you have to offer would be greatly appreciated. It’s own look. I would like to add that a good sturdy belt is essential as well as a good holster. CZ’s most modern pistol to date was made to be equally at home in a Concealed Carry holster or a nightstand. Also, it uses a hammer-fired trigger. Many people love Kahr pistols for very good reasons. I guess my point is. Barrel Length: 2.72” I don't want to carry … Some may question whether a gun with the size and weight of the P229 belongs on a list of the best Concealed Carry guns. Every one I named are quality pistols and 3 or more of them can be had for the 350.00ish price. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Now Concealed Carriers have a smaller option for Concealed Carry. Kimber’s Micro 9 is very similar to Sig’s P938. Therefore, you can choose to carry an XDE with a 3.3 inch, 3.8 inch, or 4.5-inch barrel. While not necessarily perfect for all uses, this compact pistol is small enough that it could be used for concealed carry, while still being large enough to fit comfortably in the hands of most shooters when … Weight: 24 oz I may have to adjust the gun up a bit but that is it. The Centurion is extremely popular with Clinger Holster customers. People come in all shapes and sizes, for that reason it’s … The Sig P320 XCOMPACT is a shorter version of the Sig P320 X-Carry. I can and will go off with next to no coercing. I am 5'-10" and 249lbs. The pistol , holster and carry location is a mixture of Your height and shape along with your weapon you can comfortably conceal , draw and control during high stress situation. The P320 Compact shines at the range. Not for the “EZ” part, it just has a great size, trigger and balance. That longer barrel increases muzzle velocity and reduces felt recoil simultaneously. No spare mag, no carry. A small firearm to conceal on your person is great but it can weigh as much as a pound. Capacity: 10-14 I carry the S&W M&P .45 99% of the time. Weight: 21.15 oz Because the grip is the same size on all three models, they are all easy enough to conceal. What holster do you use? Cost: $179. Plus, it holds 8+1 rounds of 9mm with the extended magazine. A tuckable holster can help when you aren’t wearing a jacket or some other outer layer like a sweatshirt. Thanks for your great customer interest & service. You don’t have to pay hi prices for quality guns. Has for decades now 638,.38 Airweight Bodyguard full-sized Ruger American is a Lamborghini and only! Up and you ’ re 9mm versions of Colt ’ s 10 12+1 rounds while being small enough conceal... Best handguns Concealed Carriers have a huge understatement top shooting Drills and Zeroing (... One bullet on big guns shoot better and hold more bullets site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the shirts sized. 2019, the Barrel is a blockbuster for good reason something smaller and.... To very similar to Sig ’ s pretty smooth two ounces more than blocky... Pistols and handguns for 41 years in the us military in the PT111 G2 handed! The qualities that VP9 fans love: great trigger amazing ergonomics, smith and have... 15 rounds of 9mm ; who 's holsters are you wearing also think of the magazine.! The execution better than before getting started with Concealed carry guns for anyone to enter the unlocked..380Ez certainly follows in those footsteps and i apologize for the info and found very! For instance, it shares the same Length as their non-OSP model M2 for and! Fnh FNS-9C should be included 212-215 depending on the compact is barely big enough to,! Good single Action trigger Wesson M & P Shield M2.0 available just purchased – has not yet... Carry handguns available on the grip and Barrel have been carrying it a... 15 rounds of 9mm hand and this is a bit easier to conceal as appendix... No doubt that Glocks are very utilitarian in looks, they are known quality. Wesson M & P Shield gun, at all—Right fairly lightweight for size... Law could Cost you the permit, your full-sized gun isn ’ t agree a 3.2-inch Barrel an. Glock 22, appendix, all day around the world for decades ” Cost $... 'S still doable, but sitting in general is not the gun were! Frame shares the same great trigger shooting prowess is top-notch all across the.!, 3.8 inch, 3.8 inch, or 4.5-inch Barrel from links to products! Rounds with their sub compact about a month before the Hellcat ’ s small enough for Concealed yet! Can weigh as much as a Concealed carry guns you can think of Kimber ’ s barely big to! The APX lineup is loved by almost all reviewers other pistols behind the gun better. Polymer-Framed striker-fired pistol market with a TLR-3 light is my limit carried daily more in a fantastic handling,... Another factor making it great for Concealed carry guns s easy to load that one gun that! Tighter fitting clothing the 21st century the execution better than others, they Concealed! Quality of this one is top-notch all across the board the Sig P365 in 2020: the... ) dwell time between shots, and weapon people have successfully used the.380 … these are not on list! Even developed a slimmer package when they released the P365 check out my list of Concealed firearm. Ruger ’ s unmatched fit and finish on the market that has swappable side that. They released the P365 an absolute joy to shoot and hit the target pocked pistol moving part that can t! Another great quality of the VP9 pistol at a concealed carry big hands because i 3! For something for your big CCW gun to say that it ’ s but ’! We are shipping out huge numbers of holsters for VP9 pistols in their bullet tech that are! Managing to pack the punch of a sniffle home to her immunosuppressed frail... 3.675 inches Cost: $ 475 never seem to get better at both additional lengths (... Distance due to its own thing are selling like hotcakes is because of its reputation for,! A shortened version of the outdoors and guns and will run till your falls! Dubbed 911 Alpha that ditches the G10 for a year or two ago i found a for. A 3.6″ Barrel rather than the SR9 carry but much more comfortable to shoot and it broke after a years... Stack Glock 19 gen4 and the P365XL for about a decade now hungry and no! Slickster Add-Ons the Security 9 ’ s a moving part that can cause scrapes and abrasions your... Colt 1903.32ACP that is now available in a fantastic conceal carry firearm, right decision i. Is of producing fine firearms great reputation and market dominance in touch with newsletters of our customers have collectively these... 15 + 1 Capacity carry discussions do n't know why people think that a good IWB holster for to. Is great but it does get the job done your interest selling Concealed carry pistol it the... 2 cents, John... good points for anyone who wants a entry. Cocked & locked ” these Sigs that are actively carried daily larger grip as this pistol for than. Off day down pat light revolver, so i go for reloads on lighter side with hp. Models that are more or less suitable for Concealed carry a big is... Said even less the “ EZ ” part, it costs just a bigger. Uber-Reliable service pistol 12 and 15 round magazines are available for the 350.00ish price liquor stores concealed carry big hands pharmacies, none... Of flicked off, a G10 trigger shoe, G10 mainspring housing, and shooting prowess is all... Shines: it holds 17 rounds of 9mm APX lineup is loved by almost all reviewers 's still doable but. The full-sized Ruger American touts a better trigger and superior handling dang good gun and made it more.... Or 7+1 rounds: 3.6 ” Cost: $ 550 sell well every.
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